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What To Look for in a Personal Training Studio and Gym

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things to look for in a gym

What To Look for in a Personal Training Studio and Gym


Every minute that we spend in the gym affects our entire day and often our week.

It is not a surprise that one must choose carefully when it comes to a personal training studio or a gym.

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11 Things to Look For In A Personal Training Studio & Gym

Let us give you a comprehensive checklist that will make sure your gym helps you in getting fit.

1. Location

Working out alone does not guarantee results, but a consistent workout surely does! A convenient location must be your number one priority.

If the location of your gym or training studio is far from where you live, you are likely to fall off the bandwagon.

We know what you are thinking! What if the nearest gym is also many kilometers away?

There is quite a novel solution for that. You can simply cycle to that place and burn more calories.

2. Physical Space

Your gym size is as important as the location.

A bigger gym is better as it gives you the space to do your own workout without bumping into others. Often injuries happen when someone else drops their weight on you, ouch! That’s got to hurt, right?

If you can perform lateral dumbbell raises without hurting someone near you and there’s ample space for you to perform half of your lunge’s workout, that space is more than enough.

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3. Ventilation

The thought of working out in the summers is an exhausting activity in itself.

For you to perform at an optimum level, it is essential to have proper ventilation, air-cons for summers, and fresh air. Lack of fresh air and oxygen during a workout is associated with dizziness.

More importantly, in a post-Covid19 world, proper ventilation is a basic hygiene requirement.

4. Community

A personal training studio or any workout premises are a social place. Even if the place is private and intimate, you are likely to see a couple of people.

The number of members in the gym does not matter –  what matters is their motivation levels and their attitudes towards other members.

A positive and inclusive place can help you stay motivated and keep coming back for more while a toxic training area can cause you to quit the gym before you have even started your journey.

5. Demographics

Another dimension to consider, when it comes to choosing your fitness center, is the demographics of the members.

If you are someone who is over the age of 35, you are going to feel more comfortable with people of your same age group.

At this point, one must wonder, what does other members’ age have to do with choosing or not choosing a gym?

A gym is a social place where you let off some steam. A place where people can understand your fitness journey and your health struggles is conducive to making you work harder towards achieving your goal.

6. Social Proof

Having carefully considered the location, area, community, and demographics, you have chosen the gym that is going to become your second home.

But voila! There are a few more factors to pay attention to before subscribing to the gym of your dreams.

Social proofs are the ultimate litmus test to decide if a gym is worth going to. Search for a gym that shows proof of successful transformation journeys. Before and after pictures are a great tool to assess a personal studio or a gym’s credibility and experience.

After all, what good does a gym’s atmosphere do if it is not helping you lose those stubborn love handles?

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7. Professional Trainers & Nutritionists

A good workout regime necessitates a healthy diet plan and adequate professional guidance on what supplements to consume.

Currently, countless gyms are sprouting at each corner you turn since it is a lucrative business. You have to find a needle in a haystack by finding a gym that has professional trainers.

The gym that you consider, must have trainers who have personal lifting experience, professional certification, and must be aware of scientific and safe ways to train and lose weight.

Some gyms hire trainers who are nutrition experts, while some hire separate nutritionists. Either way, it is a good advice to find a gym that offers either of the two options.

8. Equipment

How does one determine if a gym has good equipment or not? Especially someone who has set foot in the gym for the first time.

Our checklist will give you an answer in no time.

If you are someone who is serious about lifting iron, your gym has to have a hack squat machine, a Smith machine, a lat pull down, and a chest press machine.

Between the ages of 35-70, our body no longer remains as resilient as it once was. These machines work your muscles without exerting undue pressure on your joints.

Moreover, a treadmill, an upright bike, and a stair climber are great options to have too. Your gym has to have at least one of these as these machines offer a great outdoor workout in a safe, indoor environment.

9. Gym Hours

Has anyone wondered why income levels increase with an increase in age? Perhaps, because people put in more work hours as they reach their thirties and early forties.

For such gym enthusiasts and fitness freaks, a gym with flexible hours is most ideal.

10. Additional Services

This one is for the mothers and fathers, who long to see a good gym and spend an hour in isolation, doing an insane workout, and forgetting about the domestic woes and concerns.

Modern gyms offer massages, sauna, and even childcare services. For those parents who need a break, such gyms are a haven.

11. Cleanliness & Hygiene

While every gym-goer must wipe the equipment once they are done, gyms have a responsibility to clean their benches, rods, and even the racks every alternate day. When you go to look for a gym, keep an eye on the equipment.

Any creaky noise or dust can be an indicator of neglect and uncleanliness.


Choosing a personal fitness studio, , and a gym can be quite tedious. However, it is something that offers a great return.

With our guide’s help, you cannot make the wrong choice, and we are already aware of the rewards that a good gym offers for your fitness plans.

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FAQs About Personal Training Studio and Gym

What if the best gym for me isn’t the nearest one?

If you have suitable commute options, then yes, you don’t need to go to the nearest gym.

Can I trust online gym reviews?

Yes. Online reviews are extremely helpful in determining the customer experience of a gym.

Should the availability of a personal trainer influence my decision?

Yes. A trainer will help you meet your goals, follow a designated plan, and most importantly operate safely in the gym.

I am not familiar with gym equipment. How will I know if they are safe and updated?

A personal trainer or any regular gym-goer can help you analyze and operate gym equipment.