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Our East Malvern Studio's Difference!

Most people find it hard to change their body because only 10% of body transformation is the exercises.


Our Trainers know precisely what exercises will suit your body and your goals – the 10%.

They will also train you in the other 90% that will make your transformation a success.

Whether you just want to be fit and healthy, get ready for your next fitness competition or look great for that special day, we’ll make sure it happens.



Our holistic health and weight loss training programs ensure you smash your health and fitness goals and create lasting change.


We are drill sergeants when we need to be and your best friend and confidant during the trying times. Trust us, you’ll need both!

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Realfit Gym & Personal Training Malvern East, Melbourne VIC

My name is Fred Liberatore together with my wife Danni we are the owners of Realfit Personal Training in east Malvern, Melbourne, Victoria and we have been proudly servicing the local community since 2006.

As a certified personal trainer for over 30 years and personally transformed hundreds of lives. Besides being featured on numerous media channels and having over 250, 5-star reviews on Google, My biggest achievement has been teaching others how to win when it comes to how they view their relationship with food to the way they approaching training and how they approach weight loss from a winners mindset.

We help everyday people who are sick and tired of their stubborn weight and are on the quest to truly transform their body with lasting results. One of the biggest misconceptions in this industry is the actual term weight loss the approach is all wrong you need to think fat loss!

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