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I have been coming to Realfit religiously, for 12 weeks only once a week. From the first day, I was hooked! Unlike the Gyms I attended previously, Realfit Personal Training studio are so different and as you can see Fred has given me my Bikini body back in record time! My friends tell me this was an express Transformation and I tend to agree!

Fred is so knowledgeable that left me speechless! He knows lots about Personal Training, Nutrition and Goal setting and we rolled this into one to create a Bikini Body. He kept me so accountable each Day and set me up for real success, Its what he called and coined his non negotiable’s and each week we implemented steps to a better version of myself.

If you haven’t heard about Fred and the Team of Realfit Personal Trainers ( then you haven’t trained, make no mistake it was hard but the rewards outstripped the effort and it made it all count at the end, I stepped on stage and strut my stuff and won my Division thanks to Fred and the support at REALFIT.



I was concerned about the amount of weight that I had put on when a email from Fred appeared in my email. What it offered resonated and it was if this was a way of saying the time is now. I rang Fred straight and the rest was history.

That my clothes were becoming looser and it was getting easier to put socks on and tie my shoe laces,I felt great, my body ached less and I had more energy. To make it better I was lighter, fitter and healthier than when I was 17 year old in my last year of school.

Its not motivation that gets you success but having a vision of what you want. Its important to understand its a journey and it will take time. Importantly is that id you make the personal investment you will get the return ten fold.



I was what my Girlfriends would say "acceptable in terms of how I looked, but I knew deep down that I could do better, so over a glass of wine together with my besties we decided to research the personal trainers in our area. What I loved about Realfit was that they are not tied down to the shackles of some franchise cookie-cutter system, Fred's success stories were enough for me to reach out to him, Within minutes he had responded and we set a time to meet and I knew once he presented a blue print for me that I could not only get my body back but also get on stage and win my show, which I did.

If your reading this far then I'm guessing your half interested in what Fred and Realfit has to say about your struggles.He's a trainer with years of experience and I was so glad I committed to Fred this was one journey that was tough but totally worth it. Fred not only trained me twice a week but also coached me and kept me accountable(he would know when to send me a text)and I would know when to send him a pic of my food. The result speaks for themselves trust your instinct I did and am grateful for that experience.



I just wanted to share how much Fred, and the Team at Realfit’s guidance in helping me reach my goals.(to get a massive chest) What a life changer! I’ve worked on some serious gains especially around my chest on this Realfit program and still going strong!

Holly really helped me take control of my eating choices and gave me the tweaks I needed especially when it came to bench press. The suggestions on food and supplement choices and recipes have helped to give me healthier alternative options to consider when preparing meals/snacks – all of which have been delicious (be sure to ask for Fred’s E-book).

I appreciate the quick response to all my emails, which was critical in making informed decisions on foods, recipes, and exercise. I feel stronger than ever before and have more energy, and feel so much better. I am not a big guy and not overweight my goals were clear and the Realfit program really delivers.

I feel like a different person, someone who is in more control of my life and the choices I make. My outlook on life and everything is so much more positive. My stress levels have definitely decreased and I can deal with the stresses of work and home so much better. The team at Realfit have helped not only changed the way I look on the outside, but how I feel on the inside.

I enjoy and all of the support and  guidance  they gave me  through my decision-making when it comes to eating and training. Thank you so much for your help Reafit, this program is truly incredible and I’ve packed on some serious muscle and I am not stopping.



Realfit Fast Track to Fat Loss is a fantastic program for losing fat and getting fit. I lost 10kgs of stubborn fat the FIRST MONTH and then got ripped six-pack abs shortly after! There is no way I could have done it without Realfit they were there to help me every step of the way and make absolutely sure I didn’t fail at getting the results I wanted.

My Trainer is AWESOME – I am so grateful for all the personal coaching and accountability! I highly recommend Realfit to anybody interested in losing fat fast, keeping it off for good, and getting in better shape. From the moment I started the program, my trainer helped me every step of the way… even took the time to pick out healthy menu items on restaurant websites!

I knew that this was no ordinary program, and that my trainer was 100% dedicated to my success! At week eight, I saw something that I did not think existed – MY ABS! Talk about feeling good about yourself! This program is simply amazing!”



Emmie did everything Fred asked and you can tell it’s paid off ten fold !

I never forget the day Emmie came to see me “I want for you to coach me he said ” I will do anything coach I said ok rock up at 5am the next day I will see how you go ! Well Emmie was there waiting for me and ready to tear up the gym floor he impressed me so much he became my training partner and we trained together I thought what a great way to keep him on his toes and in good stead !

Emmie and I became inseparable we trained the hardest we could and some days he would rock up and couldn’t even walk up the stair’s he was that legless! But that didn’t stop him he wanted a rig he could be proud of and he achieved that goal with his one tough kid and an attitude that certainly determined his attitude.



I had meet Fred and seen what he does online and I wanted to go with the best Known as A Master Coach Fred and his team  turn peoples physique around in record time.

Fred and His Team at Realfit Personal Training provided terrific nutrition and posing advice during the final weeks to my first on-stage competition. This advice not only increased my confidence but also exposed all my hard work better than I could have ever imagined, leading to a podium finish.

The professionalism,  expertise and support received have motivated me to enter another competition in the near future under the Contest Prep Program and coaches at Realfit. Yes, this is real 16 days and I strongly suggest that you contact the team at Realfit today!

As a tall lanky guy I managed to lose 10 kgs off my frame and add some serious leanmuscle gains in less than 12 weeks with my trainer Fred!

The Realfit program allowed me to accomplish what I thought was impossible. Fred has been AMAZING – there for me every step of the way its like he knows what I am doing the text support and the video messages of keeping me on the right path has been invaluable.

Fred’s no ordinary Pt that would just get you an ordinary result his a living breathing walking billboard and what better way to gain knowledge from him and his selected team of great trainers Instead of spending a night on the town drinking and eating crap I’ve invested and continue to invest on my greatest asset me.



When I started working with Fred (it was tough)but we immediately connected. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Well only 12 weeks later, I went from size 10 to a size 6.

My program included the whole lot which Fred covered I saw him as my 24/7 coach eating guide for comp prep, cardio mindset and one on one training, so Fred showed me how to eat for my body type and I was eating how I needed to with Fred’s guidance and the results certainly paid off winning my first ever show.

I have learned such an incredible amount of information about nutrition and mindset from Fred and  Realfit. I truly believe I would not have achieved the results I did had I not stumbled upon Realfit this was definitely a big tick on my bucket list. With Fred’s help on the nutrition and blogs about both eating AND different ways to tweak my workouts.

I can only say that I have been blown away so far past what I thought I could ever have achieved at this point in my life. “I came to Realfit with my alphabet out of order, and they showed me how to get from A to Z the right way!”



For this busy high corporate worker and mother of 2 that’s time-poor Fiona came to us to find a solution to get back her body and for Fiona it wasn’t just abo the body but also about the feel-good factor, she continues to train twice a week as she understand the importance of making sure she keep’s the momentum, well done Fiona we are super proud that you can juggle all the life’s challenges and still manage to look after yourself with the right training for you and the right nutrition and mindset.



Frank is one competitive guy. I love it! I used his competitive nature to challenge him on new goals, and daily tasks to meet those goals, so that he’d get the results he wanted – fast. And I had to continually challenge him with new creative workouts,  “Having experienced Fred’s Lean muscle Fat Loss program, I am amazed at how quickly I saw results, and how easy it is to incorporate the principles into my normal lifestyle.

I am extremely pleased and amazed with how fast the kilos came off and how my overall endurance and fitness improved week by week. Every question I have is answered quickly and thoroughly and the Realfit team gives me all the tools, motivation, and accountability I need. My accountability trainer Fred, and the Fat Loss program is much more than just a fast and effective way to lose fat….it’s an effective way to get more out of life!”



It was very hard work – not to say all the adjustments I needed to make in terms of eating and exercising! I love my food and to have altered my taste (and to say NO!? to certain foods) was a big prize to pay. But I’M NOT SORRY! I’m excited as I FEEL FANTASTIC! It gave me a self-confidence boost, which I desperately needed at that stage of my life!

When I decided to enter the bikini contest for the first time  I was also not doing any kind of specific exercise for my body. Huge thank you to Fred and his team for this wonderful PT program they’ve created systems and there is so much to learn from them.

I would recommend this Realfit program to anyone, the community support, the trainer assistance, the meal and exercise planner, and the contests, all work together to keep you focused and on track to help you meet your goals. “It’s a program that is unmatched anywhere!” and I'm living proof it works!



“I lost many inches of ugly fat with my trainer Fred! The REALfit program allowed me to accomplish what I thought was impossible. Fred has been AMAZING – there for me every step of the way! From the moment I started the program, Fred did warm me that this was no ordinary program, and that as my trainer he is 100% dedicated to my success!

Lucky I signed y for 6 months and realistically its the best and most strategic decision I choose. At week seven, I saw something that I did not think existed – MY ABS! Talk about feeling good about yourself! Life is different for me physically and mentally, and I owe it all to Fred and REALfit program.”

This picture is of me 109 days apart just over 15.4 weeks and I’m still firing on all cylinders Fred keeps me accountable and always stay’s committed to my cause.



“I had struggled with controlling my weight for the last ten plus years. I found my weight trending upward, interspersed with brief periods of activity or fad diets. I had never had a complete lifestyle approach until I tried Realfit. I am a busy guy just like everyone else time poor; I realised that I needed to set a better example to my family and my friends.

Realfit gave me the tools and motivation to accomplish this goal. In my first 3 months on the Realfit program, I lost over 8kgs of fat, gained muscle and went from a size 34in to a size 28in waist. The last time I was this size was just after high school.

My Realfit Personal trainer, was absolutely brilliant. We had a great rapport and guided me every step of the way. The feedback I received in regard to my workouts and meals helped many of the changes I’d implemented become habits.

In three months I completely changed my whole way of life. I had a new approach that improved my health.

margarita success


I had known Fred from old school days, he was into fitness back then and always looked and walked the talk so to speak. I had a goal to compete in the figure’s masters (40+ division)and I knew I needed that extra push to keep me accountable and on track, so I decided to work with Fred, I knew I needed a coach and I needed to combine my nutrition training and mindset and I couldn’t do it on my own so Fred, and I discussed an action plan that would eventually see me look in the best shape possible.

I was busy in work and family life I needed the right structure support and accountability, Fred also suggested I come along to a fitness competition to see how everything flows and that also helped me set the scene for my success, I also ended up getting a posing coach to help me with my stage presence and fred set me up with homework each week, it was a non-negotiable.

For me this was more than a challenge it was a journey to get on stage and truly give it my best shot for the record I was runner up in the master’s division and learnt so much about my body and how to combine a winner’s mindset when it came to those days where I felt like giving up.