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Why Working With A Personal Trainer Can Fast Track Your Success During A 12-week Challenge

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personal trainer can fast track your success

Why Working With A Personal Trainer Can Fast Track Your Success During A 12-week Challenge


As we age, our body goes through many changes. Most of these changes, however, are not as desirable.

How can we ensure these undesirable changes, such as breakdown in muscle mass, fat gain, and other age-related issues stay a good distance away from us?

It’s simple: by exercising and training smartly with the 12-week challenge.

Let us demystify the secret to winning the 12-week challenge and how you can fast-track your success with the help of a personal trainer.

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Getting Started

The gym is not a scary place. But the environment can give the impression of a terribly intimidating place.

With countless machines, exercises, and complex mathematics of sets and repetitions, any person can run away from the gym before even getting started.

To understand the popular 12-week challenge, it is essential to hire a personal trainer, who can hold your hand and guide you towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Doing It The Right Way

There are many ways to gain muscle, lose fat, and get more attractive and healthier, but not all the methods are equally effective, nor do different programs work for everyone.

Determining what works best for you and your body is the key to getting a shredded body. A personal trainer can help you find the most effective workout plan for you.

Most trainers are qualified and have years of experience. It does not take more than one look to figure out what will work for you and how to renew your youthful exuberance.

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Scientific Approach

As a qualified instructor, a personal trainer uses modern scientific approaches to maximize results. Long gone are the days when people would mindlessly follow a traditional and unscientific approach.

With a trainer, you can let science be your guide and fast-track your success journey on the 12-week challenge.

The most fascinating aspect about getting help from a trainer is all of their training is backed by science. This ensures not even a single stretch is in vain and you burn the most calories in each exercise.

Ultimately, your 12-week challenge picks up an unbelievable pace and transforms you in the blink of an eye.

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Right Movements

No two exercises are the same. In a similar essence, every exercise requires a certain technique and the right mind-to-muscle connection to establish.

A trainer helps you perfect every movement. Not only does it help your muscles to perform well, but it also accelerates the speed of progress and brings you closer to your goals.


A 12-week program is a quick and sure way to become fit. It is made even quicker with the help of a trainer.

Speed and effectiveness, however, should not be confused with “rushing into exercises”. By hiring a personal trainer, you can perform all the right exercises in the right form.

Performing different workouts, the way they are supposed to be performed, will prevent injuries, increase the burn rate of calories, and provide longevity to your mind and muscle.

Finding The Right Mix

There is a long list of people who lost a lot of weight in their 12-week challenge only to gain back all that they lost and some more!

It usually happens when people exercise on their own, eat unhealthily, and think getting in shape is a one-time thing.

Combatting this mindset and unhealthy exercise routine can be difficult.

It is only with a professional, personal trainer that you can learn how to lose your weight and not regain any of it back. Instead, gaining only lean muscle that makes you look and feel good. A trainer, in this respect, helps you to create a mix of sustainable exercises. From bodyweight training to lifting iron and complementary cardiovascular exercises, a personal can quicken your progress and make it permanent.

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The difficult part about completing the 12-week program or any workout program is not working out in the gym. It is finding the drive and accountability to put on your gym clothes and shoes and getting to your place of workout – whether your gym, park, or a dedicated gym area in your house.

An experienced trainer, equipped with the power of a 12-week challenge, helps you stay motivated and stick to your challenge.

In this regard, having a personal trainer is no different than having your best friend on your journey. Just like a friend, your trainer pushes you to bring out the best and the beast in you.

Eating Right

Abs are made in the kitchen. Not just abs, every muscle, with the right amount of protein, is made in the kitchen.

Getting your nutrition and diet right can be a challenge in itself that can possibly take more than 12 weeks. Who has the time for that?

To save time, get a personal trainer ASAP! Here is everything a personal trainer can help you with when it comes to eating clean.

  • Draw up a perfect diet plan with scheduled meals at specific time intervals.
  • Balance your macro and micro-nutrients to optimize results.
  • Provide a recipe that offers the right amount of protein, carbs, fats, and fiber.
  • Suggesting supplements, multi-vitamins, and probiotics aid your body transformation and improve immunity.

About time you get a personal trainer to break your plateaus and begin your journey on the road to success.

Focusing On What Matters

Young gym-goers have the privilege of time and youth. Even with some exercises, they perform well.

This is not true for everyone though.

After a certain age, our testosterone levels reduce, our bones lose their strength over time, and our body finds it progressively difficult to maintain good bone and tendon health.

A well-trained personal trainer is the right fit for all health enthusiasts who want to regain their health at a late stage of life.


The 12-week challenge is the ultimate solution to break your plateaus, come out of your comfort zone, and embrace all the success life has to offer to those who are mentally and physically fit.

Without further delay, connect with RealFit and get ready to transform yourself into a brand new you with our 12-week challenge!

FAQs About Working With A Personal Trainer

Should I hire a personal trainer if I am new to workouts?

If you are new to training, it is highly recommended to hire and consult a personal trainer to train safely.

Do fitness challenges work in the long run?

Fitness challenges are meant to help you start your fitness journey. They are ideal for beginners and for those looking to make their workouts more exciting.

What can I eat before the workout?

Heavy meals are not recommended. You can eat a couple of boiled eggs as they digest quickly and provide instant energy.

Can I drink water during my workouts?

Drinking a lot of water can make you feel heavy and even throw up. Drink two glasses of water thirty minutes before a workout and take small sips of water during the workout.