12 Week Challenge Malvern East


We deliver unprecedented body transformation in shockingly short periods of time,no matter your age, condition, or genetics.

  • No crazy diet,
  • No insane workouts,
  • No chemical aids.
  • Just a fundamentally superior approach to train the body and the mind.

    Train to failure (old way to results)🤷‍♂️

    • No pain, no gain” leads to overtraining, injuries, increased recovery time, and starting over
    • Do reps until failure” trains your body to fail and tells your inner superhero that you’re a threat to yourself.
    • Lifting to your max too often to ‘find out’ how strong you ar
    • ​Lifting to your max only finds limits, it doesn’t raise them.
    • Success is directly proportional to how hard you push yourself and can force yourself toward a peak.
    • If you’re not succeeding, you didn’t push yourself hard enough or lack the will to succeed.
    • If you’re still not succeeding, you’re not taking the right supplements.

    Expand your comfort zone (new way) 😊

    • “Any pain” equals “no gain”: technical proficiency and optimal programming enhances safety keeping you out of pain and avoiding injuries.
    • Progressively adapt within your comfort zone to train your body and mind you’re not a threat to yourself.
    • Success is directly proportional to your quality of movement
    • No need for drugs, supplements, or chemical enhancement.
    • Expand your comfort zone until it swallows your previous limits.
    • Feed your body quality food and build healthy habits

    12 week transformations you could be next !🎉

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    These are Real Fit Clients' body transformations! There is NO trick lighting, dehydration, and starvation techniques. These results have been duplicated hundreds of times over using specific exercise programming designed by Fred Liberatore renowned Personal Trainer. Spots are very limited within each program(we only have maximum of 6 applicants each session), don't miss an opportunity to finally accomplish what you thought was impossible, to finally discover who you really are, to finally find a program that WORKS!

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    FAQs About 12 Week Challenge

    The 12 week challenge is for men & women over 40 that are ready to ditch the BS stories and looking to shed at least 9kg of stubborn fat

    A small hole in your wallet as you start buying new clothes to accommodate your new you..

    When we meet up will discuss the timetable and your choice of am or pm slots. We ask that you show up to each class your investing in yourself should you miss a class will provide you with training video's to do on your own

    Yes,we love structire and so will you !Once your set and ready to go we ask for a 12 week commitment >

    We have had clients see results in as little as one week, you will have more spring in your step and feel stronger and shed those unwanted Kilo's and that's just the start !

    Yes, we provide you with a full nutrition program during the 12 weeks with regular weigh in and measurements, so we can test & measure see what's working and keep moving forward.

    As long as your body is able and you have no serious medical condition, then your good to go, we also recommend you seek your doctor's guidance and obtain advise.

    You have the flecibility of paying monthly or upfront we also provide you an additional incentive to pay upfront

    when you embark on a 12 week challenge we ask that you commit for the full 12 weeks.We do not offer a refund or money back as we want that you commit to the full 12 weeks

    Yes once we go through the initial program will address any concerns that you have will even liase with your health practioner to ensure that your progressing each day of course we recommend you get a medical clearance

    no problem we understand,and we have enough testemonials to show waht we do we get some things are kept personal and thats all fine with us we respect that

    Yes, Fred I need you to teach me how to transform myself once and for all