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Why Having An Older Personal Trainer Keeps You More Accountable

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Why Having An Older Personal Trainer Keeps You More Accountable


Do you ever reminiscence about a past period?  More specifically, about the golden era of bodybuilding and fitness.

When gods of fitness, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno ruled, fitness was unadulterated, healthy living was a lifestyle, and exercise brought everyone together to create moments of health and happiness.

With our following detour, you are going to learn how hiring an older personal trainer can help you bring back those times and train with the best.

Lifting Experience

Internet and modern advancements have given a plethora of theoretical knowledge.

Most young trainers spend countless hours learning about these techniques. There is so much emphasis on what the science says and suggests, that a young trainer forgets the most essential facet: a training and diet regime itself!

An older trainer is more experienced. His or her knowledge is not limited to books or research papers. Instead of treating you like a lab hamster, you are going to feel confident under the guidance of an experienced trainer who has gone through the grind to reach where he or she might be. Experience, especially personal experiences, triumph over incomplete nuggets of information found on Quora or Reddit.

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Ego Lifting

It seems confusing how inexperienced trainers cause their clients to ego lift or do workouts that clients’ bodies cannot handle.

Passive ego-lifting is a real thing. How fit a client is, reflects the competency of a trainer. Instead of earning that respect, trainers push their clients to ego lift that leads to injuries.

Another common reason why trainers push their clients to lift ridiculous amounts of weight is to impress other gym members which can potentially lead to more people hiring the personal trainer for themselves.

On the contrary, an older and experienced trainer will not push you beyond your limits. After the tender years, people understand the lack of sensibility behind ego lifting.

Therefore, an older trainer will keep you focused, warn you when your ego lifts or push your natural limits.

Wisdom Of Older Trainers

Trainers with experience do not only teach you how to lose weight, pack on muscles, and showcase a defined torso – accomplished trainers teach you the philosophy of training.

From cultivating motivation to teaching how each exercise represents the strength and agility of a human body, an older trainer helps you discover the wisdom behind weights and training.

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Ability To Motivate & Encourage

There is a million-dollar industry that thrives by providing workout motivation. One of the reasons why this industry is such a cash cow is its effectiveness.

Research has shown that external motivation can help overcome regular laziness.

Older trainers have the wisdom and the words that are required to motivate and encourage clients. Quite a few inexperienced trainers unknowingly use harsh words or express insensitivity towards their struggling clients that becomes a source of demotivation.

Empathy and affection bring out the best in people and offers the most efficient results. People who are in their later years and are starting out for the first time require this understanding that is only found in an older and wise trainer.

Forming Connections

An effective workout and diet plan has to be guided by an equally experienced trainer. For a trainer to deliver results, he must understand his clients, make tailored plans and routines, and offer one-to-one guidance.

This form of mentorship can only be experienced with an older trainer. It is well known that while young people are better at forming new connections, older are better at sustaining them. This allows an older trainer to sustain and make stronger connections with their clients that is a prerequisite for optimal coaching.

Driven By Purpose

Young people work out to look good or to earn well. Inexperienced personal trainers are alike and possess the same goals. Working out and staying healthy renders thousands of benefits, none of which are unhealthy to be pursued.

But when it comes to professional coaching, personal trainers must let their purpose be the fuel for their motivation. Mature professional trainers and coaches are driven by purpose and pure love for the sport. This gives older trainers the possibility to pass on the torch of their purpose to their clients.

Practicing Social Empathy

Every client is different. Some are big, some are small. Clients have different genders, sexual orientations, races and ethnicity, and ages.

Even the desire to get fit for clients is motivated by different reasons. Some wish to lose weight before their wedding day while some wish to pack on some muscle and mass to show off their summer body at the beach.

A young lad who has not had the privilege of meeting many different people with different dreams is unlikely to understand and appreciate the diversity of his clients. On the other hand, an older trainer, polished by life’s experiences, understands and empathizes with all clients.

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Learning From Mistakes

Young trainers make mistakes and learn from them. As long as a trainer is young, they are probable to continue making mistakes and their learning curves increase exponentially.

But this increases the social cost for the clients as the brunt of young trainer’s mistakes is borne by the clients.

Older trainers are quite the opposite. They have made their fair share of mistakes in their own time. They will be able to tell you how things are to be done, as well as, how not to do an exercise.


Our guide does not generalize all young trainers as inexperienced. However, we are highlighting the characteristics of some inexperienced trainers and why going with an older trainer is a safer option.

The quickest way to learn years of training in a few years is to hire an older trainer who can enrich your workouts, improve your outlook of life, give you a sense of direction and purpose, and motivate you to bring out the best in you.

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Will an older trainer be equipped with modern approaches?

Yes. Older trainers are both experienced and up-to-date making your workout extra beneficial.

What if an older personal trainer is not available at my gym?

Try to work with the most experienced gym trainer available to you.

What if my gym trainer is the same age as me?

That’s perfect then. Coupled with their experience, your gym trainer can connect with you on a more personal level.

Why do most people go with younger personal trainers?

Due to social media and the popularity of so-called magic workouts many people tend to opt for inexperienced gym trainers and realize their mistake later on.