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How To Lose Weight Safely Without Losing Muscle

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How To Lose Weight Without Losing Muscle

How To Lose Weight Safely Without Losing Muscle


Gaining fat and losing muscle is the natural path that almost every “body” takes.

However, there is a miraculous solution that lets you lose weight and gain more muscle even as you age.

As we understand how to lose weight safely, it is most important to remember, there are no quick fixes, and it is only with a personal trainer that one can train safely and efficiently.

how to lose weight safely

Exercises To Consider

Losing love handles is not impossible, but it is not easy either. Similarly, biceps and triceps cannot develop or get toned if there is not hard work behind them.

With compound movements, your hard work will be cut in half, and you will attain more toned arms and washboard abs in no time.

· Bench Press

A compound push movement, bench press adds mass and definition to your chest while reducing the stubborn chest fat. It also works your shoulders and helps add volume to your triceps.

· Lat Pull Downs

Preventing muscle imbalance is essential to losing weight and gaining muscle uniformly. After a strong push movement, one needs a pull movement like lat pull down to complement the push muscles.

· Squats

One of the major mistakes that gym-goers make is forgetting to work on their legs. Legs make one-third of our body.

Squats are known to increase testosterone which is a catalyst for muscle gain, fat loss, and youthful vigor.

Before you try out any of these compound movements, consult a personal trainer who can not only help you perfect these movements but also keep you safe from injuries.

squats for weight loss

· Cardio

Fat is trickier than most people think. It requires explosive, compound movements, but it also requires a good amount of cardio to burn.

However, excessive cardio can tire you out that leads to binge eating and an increase in fat.

Research has shown High-Intensity Interval Training is an ideal way to burn extra calories without sacrificing any muscle gain.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) sounds scary, but it’s easy and can be done anywhere, even from the comfort of your house.

Begin with a brief warm-up. In HIIT, you have to involve short bursts of intense exercises coupled with low-intensity exercises. Most HIIT workouts take 25 to 30 minutes.

Getting Your Diet Right

Losing fat requires a caloric deficit while gaining muscles requires a caloric surplus. Therefore, it might sound paradoxical to think one can pack on muscles while cutting down all the fat.

But it is possible!

With a high protein, moderate carbs, and low-fat diet, coupled with a personal trainer’s guidance to figure out the best times to eat and the most ideal number of meals, you can quickly reach your body goals by following your caloric intake at a maintenance level.

A few foods that one can eat to gain muscles are:

  • Eggs
  • Fish and chicken
  • Peanuts
  • Soy and almond milk
  • Greek yogurt
  • Broccoli
  • Fruits like kiwi and bananas.

Not only are these foods packed with protein, but they also hold nutrients that offer longevity and numerous different vitamins.

weight loss diet

Natural Fat Burners

While your macros and micros will be met by the foods outlined above, there are a few foods and supplements that can help burn your fat faster.

Garlic and ginger are known to torch the most stubborn of fats. Similarly, honey and lemon are a great combination to obtain healthy fats, sugar, and vitamin C while helping more fat to burn and dissolve quickly.

Additionally, protein supplements, like whey, provide more than 24 grams of protein per scoop with little to no carbohydrates.

This ensures your muscles have their fuel to grow and your fat cells are deprived to a point where they cease to exist, making you leaner and stronger.

Recovery Periods

Excessive workouts do more harm than good. While one grinds in the gym, it is important to take a step back.

One of the best ways to maximize your gains and prevent injuries is to have enough recovery days. Resting one to two times a week is a good number of rest days to allow muscle recovery.

Moreover, after one to three months of workouts, our body adapts to our caloric deficit diet. This is quite tricky as your body learns to survive and deposit more fat even on a reduced diet.

To combat the fat loss plateau, it is recommended to have infrequent cheat days. Cheat days are a misnomer since cheat days keep your metabolism high which lets you get rid of fat quickly.

Burning Additional Calories

One cannot be in the gym or on a Stairmaster all the time.

Yet one needs to burn calories round the clock. Being able to burn calories outside the gym is necessary to have sustainable health and fitness.

Taking stairs instead of the lift at work, standing up in the bus when you can be sitting down, and stretching every two to three hours are some minor movements with a major effect.


Water is the main factor when it comes to making muscle and destroying fat.

Moreover, fat helps a person, who is on a diet, feel fuller and satiated. Thus, drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day, or as per your requirements, is necessary.

water for weight loss

An easy way to determine how much water you need is your urine color. If it is yellow to golden, you are already dehydrated and won’t be burning fat. If it’s clear to transparent, you are on the right track.

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It takes years to gain fat or to become obese.

Therefore, it will naturally take some time to lose all the fat, gain muscles, and be in a body that allows you to run, lift, and sleep well.

It does not matter where you stand now. What matters is your dedication and commitment to a process that takes time, but eventually and surely shows results you can be proud of.

A personal trainer, workout routine, a healthy diet, and of course our guide, are the only things you need to start transforming your physical and mental health and start a new journey today!

Weight Loss FAQs

How much weight can I lose in one week?

Healthy weight loss can reduce your weight by 0.8lbs to 2.2lbs in one week.

Does water increase weight?

Water has volume which increases your weight on the scale. However, it does not increase fat in your body.

Do protein supplements work?

Protein is the building block for muscles. Sufficient protein is necessary for gaining muscles and protein supplements fulfill protein requirements conveniently.

How much protein does my body need to grow?

Calculating your body weight in pounds by 1.2 will give you the amount of protein you must consume to build muscle and lose fat.