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Even I need a 12-week fitness challenge

Let’s face it we all get busy from time to time and our to do’s change, about a year ago I lost my way faced with keeping up with running my 2 studio’s and constantly getting trainers and clients to show up was becoming a more difficult task (I’ve heard just about every excuse under the sun), this together with not being the best person to hang around made me lose my way.

You see I’ve never junked on food or gone on days of binging for me it was more so just not pushing myself hard enough and being stressed every sinle minute of the day, the very early morning and late night’s made it difficult to get in a workout or even prep my meal I recall I even went a day thinking did I drink any water today!

Till one morning I woke up and thought “why am I telling myself a BS story“.

Having the support of my wife I put together a written and detailed action plan and my first to do was to sell one of my studio’s (which I did)and then it was remodelling my business and getting rid of the dragnet.

Letting go of the toxic people that would always be draining me I audited my trainers and clients which meant that I had a sense of freedom that money couldn’t buy.

I had also engaged in the services of a Personal Trainer that would keep me accountable and help push me and the results speak for themselves. Nutrition exercise and mindset all just as important as the other.

My NON Negotiables included:

  • Make the time to train 3 times a week. 
  • Accept that you must follow the 90/10 rule
  • Give 100% effort throughout the workouts and maintain a positive approach at all times
  • Meditate every day for 10 minutes to visualise the start of my day and also to recap at the end of my day
12 week transformation

Fortunately, I have never looked back and maintain a good physique at all times, understand a 12-week challenge is a kick start for further progression it doesn’t end there it just begins.

So if you have read this far my advise to you is to work out your why and don’t let time be this silent thief that will rob you of your health.

Interested to know more about 12-week challenge, click here and remember always laugh with health!


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