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Why Boutique Style Personal Training Studios are Far Better than Big Chain Gym’s in a Post-COVID world!

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Why Boutique Style Personal Training Studios are Far Better than Big Chain Gym’s in a Post-COVID world!


Safe to say that COVID-19 has dampened most of our plans and future ambitions.

Whether it was starting a fitness campaign and getting in shape or beginning to eat clean and move better, it has put a hand brake on almost everything.

In and out of lockdown has severely impacted our daily routines.  

Quite unfortunate, isn’t it? There must be a better way and place to work out than in a large public gym.

Every unique problem is accompanied by a novel solution, and we have just that for you!

Let us share an idea that you can implement today to reap the benefits of working out tomorrow and forever!

We will help you understand how you can choose a personal training studio and smaller gym facility such as RealFit, to make the most out of your plans even with the COVID-induced precautions.

Physical Contact

In a post COVID world, physical touch has become a rarity.

However, as essential as physical contact is for our species, during and even after COVID-19, physical contact can be a knell to our health.

The simplest and most effective way to work out without being vulnerable to Coronavirus is to choose a boutique personal training studio/gym that allows restricting physical contact with other people.

This is quite different from protecting ourselves from just COVID. In a post-COVID world where every touch is a potential opportunity to transmit the virus, one must be careful and limit their unnecessary physical interactions.

Risk of Virus Transmission

Everyone is susceptible to getting COVID-19. However, following precautions, getting vaccinated, and practicing social distancing can prevent us from getting infected with the virus.

It is nearly impossible to practice safe social distancing at a regular big size gym since gyms are not made to eliminate socialization.

A Boutique personal training studio with limited number of gym members, alternatively, is made just for that. With fitness service providers like RealFit, you can pursue fitness even if it’s a few feet apart!

personal training studio realfit
Personal Training Studio – Realfit


Working out is often an intimate activity – unless it’s outdoor in a park.  

At a boutique personal training facility, you find space away from the clutter, where your focus is on your own performance and fitness. There are fewer people at the smaller studio/gym – providing a family-like environment and supporting you without adding any pressure.

That’s why to get in shape without putting your insecurities and fear of viruses on display, a small fitness facility would be the wisest decision you make this year.

Outdoor Versus Indoor

While there are different studies conducted on outdoor versus indoor workouts, one thing is clear. A healthy and positive environment leads to better workouts, less stress, and a lot more energy.

A personal studio for working out can be both – indoor as well as outdoor. But what a personal studio always offers is its positive environment and very small group participation capped at 5.

An outdoor personal studio offers enough space as well as beautiful scenery, which improves each workout, as found in a study.


A large public 24/7 gym is a convenient option. But this convenience can often come at a cost.

Most injuries at a gym happen because of overexertion or when someone trips over a dumbbell or a barbell or incorrect use of equipment, perhaps something they have seen on you tube by a so called fitness influencer with no credentials, or even worse training unsupervised.

A personal training studio with a small gym feel eliminates the risk of tripping over someone else’s weights or equipment.

Given the cost of hospital and pain of injuries, we believe a personal training studio sounds a lot more convenient and safer!


The club is not the right place to find a lover, and the gym is not a great place to socialize!

While it is essential to meet and get to know people at your gym to make connections and stay connected, these socializations adversely impact our workouts.

Let us give you a rundown of what happens in a large public 24/7 style gym.

You work out well and passionately. You decide to take a quick break and talk to the person near you. A small break can’t hurt, right? A one-minute break between sets becomes a two and then a three-minute break.

Before you can realize it, your workout will have already messed up and somebody has taken your equipment.

A boutique personal training studio ensures you do not engage in conversations that are not useful because everyone at a personal training studio has a focused goal.

shawn dropped 17 kgs
Shawn dropped 17 kgs to check out his story click here

Range of Equipment

A gym and a personal studio have the same level of equipment. More often Gyms will have more commercial type equipment that is often not required, but what really sets a personal studio apart is its commitment to each specialized field.

For instance, at a gym, you can only lift traditional weights and find basic machines for cardio, such as a stationary cycle and a treadmill.

On the other hand, a personal studio gym offers a lot more! Personal studio-based gyms cater to specific needs and niches.

If you are passionate about Kettlebells, chances are you will find all the necessary equipment in a smaller style Personal Training studio. If you wish to participate in a Kettlebell competition, you will find all sizes of heavy kettlebells for your training.

Ultimately, your every workout will turn out to be productive and effective compared to a traditional large gym where you can’t find all the equipment for your focused training or must wait for your turn to get access to equipment.

Personalised Training

A large public gym will offer a public fitness trainer, often bounded by limitations on what they can and cannot do who we are sure is a great asset and someone who can help you achieve all your fitness goals.

But what if we told you, you could have something even better and get a better deal?

A local personal trainer at a personal studio-based gym with a family feel will offer more tailored and specialized training sessions, and how great is it to walk into a gym and be greeted by your first name.

Here is what a member recently wrote on google

Greg Crowe

May 31, 2021.

RealFit is a bit like the TV Show ‘Cheers’…. it’s a place where everybody knows your name, and if they don’t, they soon will. The gym is big enough to do what you need to do for novice and professional alike, while being small enough to have a friendly community vibe about it.

David is a great encourager and supporter to help you achieve your goals whether it be your own session or as a PT. And Fred? Well, you need to pop in and experience Fred for yourself…

Great people, great Vibe, community atmosphere and care for each other, particularly during the COVID lockdowns… this sets RealFit apart from other gyms.

To perform all your movements in the correct form and under the proper guidance, a personal training studio sounds like the most realistic option, doesn’t it?

Here is a video I did on this subject back in 2014 that still holds true even today!

How to choose between fitness center or personal training studio ?

Parting Thoughts

A good workout routine must be the one that ensures your privacy, increases focus, and offers health and longevity.

A boutique personal training studio with a small gym feel like realfit is specifically designed to cater to all such needs.

Only when you are safe and healthy can you be fit and lean.

So, what’s the hold up for?

Get admission to RealFit’s personal training services and experience the tremendous health and social benefits it has to offer in a post-COVID world!

Stay safe and always laugh with health!


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