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One On One Personal Training Malvern East

  /  One On One Personal Training Malvern East

1 TO 1 PERSONAL TRAINING for all Fitness Levels

Our ONE-TO-ONE PERSONAL TRAINING is a combination of three important elements:

Fun, intense exercises that burn the maximum number of calories, removing ugly fat from your body faster than anything else.

Nutrition and supplement guidance and meal planning for effective safe weight loss. You’ll also get a comprehensive e-book and a “fit book” to journal your success.

The magic of our coaching accountability from our expert Personal Trainers. Our trainers have an unmatched track record of success in Prahran, East Malvern and surrounding area’s.

Benefits of Improved fitness with personal training

Specialised individual approach

Great for those with special fitness goals

Can tailor to suit an injury or health condition

Understands you personally one on one

Can keep you accountable and on track

Adds Privacy for your needs and conversations

Tailored to suit your needs or rehabilitation

Tailored Personal training workout programs

Personal Training session 30,45 or 60 minutes

Consultation with your trainer to discuss your goals and complete a medical clearance.

Personalised nutrition plans accelerate your goals.

Training program (if requested) excluding personal training sessions

Re-assessments to track your progress

Advanced personal training techniques for transforming bodies

Kate from Melbourne body transformation before & after pics weight loss and muscle gain at Realfit
Brad from Melbourne body transformation before & after pics weight loss and muscle gain at Realfit
Ben from Melbourne body transformation before & after pics weight loss and muscle gain at Realfit

Why Choose Realfit As The Best Personal Training Partners Near Me

Achieve Your Goals With Confidence

Regular check in and Assessments

Personal Training Programs Customised For You

Support And Accountability Towards Your Goals

No Unwanted Interruptions Or Rushing Workouts

Maximise Your Dollar Spent

Over 290 Google reviews our clients love us

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If you are not currently where you want to be with your physical goals, you just haven’t been given the right information yet. To unleash your ultimate physique contact us today to discuss your goals.

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FAQs About One On One Personal Training

What results can I expect within Personal Training?

We aren’t going to lie the One on One PT is challenging but very rewarding.

Our clients that commit see results in as little as the first few weeks,like anything you get out what you put in.

Who will my Personal Trainer be?

Once we go over your complimentary fitness assesment will match you with the right trainer based on your goals.

What times are my sessions with my personal trainer?

Your times will be based on your schedule and our trainers schedule.

We really love routine so we ask you commit to the same date and times each week where possible.

Are you qualified and insured for PT?

Yes, we are registered with Fitness Australia and Certified, we keep our CE’S (Continung education Services) up to date so you can be rest assured we have your safety in mind.

Do you help with nutrition?

Yes, will provide you with a comprehensive ebook as well as nutrition video’s which is packed with information such as Breakfast options. We even cook up a cheat meal with a chef, all for you and part of our program to fast-track your results.

How much does One on One Personal Training Cost?

To be honest its like asking how long a Piece of string is ! When we go over the program will discuss best options for you covering 30,45 or 60 minutes along with 3,6 or 12 month’s.

Do you have first aid and covid practice in place ?

Yes,we have sanitize equipment and also first aid equipment and a defribulator.

We keep up with latest covid practices whereby we ask clients to scan via QR code and check into our facilities.

Got Another Personal Training Question?

Do you have another personal training question? Please contact us to book a free consultation, we’d love to meet you in person and answer all of your questions.