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How I Have Stood The Test of Time And Loved Being A Personal Trainer Since The Early ’80s

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How I Have Stood The Test of Time And Loved Being A Personal Trainer Since The Early ’80s

As I hit 55 years of age it is a good time to reflect on my fitness and being a personal trainer is a tough gig for anyone, rising up early and working later in the evening’s, and constantly thinking about your clients and harnessing new ones as well as making sure your trainers are busy and have your brand values at front and centre of their minds, and let’s not forget keeping the landlord happy  but for me it’s all worth it and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I have been so fortunate to find my purpose and my supportive partner in life and wake every morning with a huge smile on my face knowing I am living my dream, that I found my true calling, even though it took time, mistakes, and persistence.

Who knew that when I began training people in my 20s, I would eventually make a living out of it? Back then it was never considered as a full-time career. I believe having a personal trainer is an essential service and everyone should find a personal trainer who is right for them, helping them stay on track with their health and fitness goals.


When I first commenced in the industry, only the wealthy and famous could afford to use personal trainers. Nowadays it is accessible to anyone and everyone who is serious about fitness or needing some help to make lifestyle changes. I find great satisfaction in witnessing the change in someone’s body, mood, and life when they train with me. I love how it is so much more than just training — my clients confide in me, share their fears, cry with me, and I see how resilient they are (and they eventually see it in themselves). I encourage and see them push beyond their limits to greater heights. And with that, the client feels they can achieve anything they set their mind to — it is empowering and inspiring to see. That connection is the difference.

 A great personal trainer should embody resilience, and they must be able to walk the talk. To this day I still push myself hard, training to achieve personal best results and I still love competing well into my 50s. I am at the forefront of my game and this gives me credibility and time-proven tools to work and share with my clients. I’ve seen my fair share of trainers that don’t gel with clients — their focus is either distracted, or on the ‘mechanics of training. When you are your authentic self and encourage your clients to laugh, share a joke or talk about the day, this is what makes the experience a great one; this is what clients remember — your encouragement and connection.

When clients decide to work with a Personal Trainer it often surprises me how little research they undertake. Quite often the fitness industry has been a one-size-fits-all approach, however for a small boutique gym like ours, the trend is returning to tailored training at a local gym or studio. I believe the saying — you pay for what you get — holds true, especially in the personal training industry.

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When I see new clients, I expect them to have done their research on the studio trainers and have chosen to work with a trainer that specialises in the area they are aiming for. Having trainers niched in a specialty, enables the trainer to work to their strengths and not to be everything to everyone, and then the client gets the targeted results they are looking for.

Seeing a client’s confidence grow as their body changes and the pride they feel when they reach their goals is the most rewarding moment for me. Sometimes it is hard to believe that they were once the shy, insecure, quiet, out of shape or depressed/unhappy person that first contacted me to transform their body, mind and entire being a few months before. It takes courage for someone to admit they need help, and it is something I never take for granted.

SO, here are a few tips to consider when researching the right personal trainer for you.

  1. Ask to see certifications such as level 3 & 4 and insurance most good trainers have kept their continuing education points up on a yearly basis.
  2. Ask for some references contact names and numbers, a great personal trainer would have built up a rapport with thier clients and would be more than happy to share this.
  3. Does your trainer have a contract for you to sign, it often protects you and the trainer from any shortcomings such as cancellation and injury is and it’s a good way to set the agenda.
  4. Is your trainer fun to be with

You will be spending hopefully a few hours a week with your trainer and no point if you cannot have some fun in the process.

As for me I will continue pursuing the career I love being a personal trainer and more importantly love impacting lives! So much that I am writing a book titled sweat swear and smile if my book inspires just one person to shake themselves out of the physical slump, they find themselves in and propels them in a more positive and healthy direction, then I have achieved my goal.

As a veteran Personal trainer, I am honoured to assist every individual who asks me to be a part of their fitness journey. As I watch them discover inner qualities, they did not know they possessed, I find myself learning something new from them, their challenges and how they dig deep to find the strength to overcome them.

This experience with each person helps me to become a better version of myself too. What an amazing connection to look forward to each day! This is how I believe I have stood the test of time and will continue to serve and laugh with health!

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