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4 Ways to Avoid Trans Fatty Acids

Most people are eating a poison every day without giving it a second thought.  This substance can increase belly fat (visceral fat) and consuming even small amounts (2% of total energy intake) is consistently linked to heart disease. The research also says that this stuff can contribute to insulin resistance, increase risk of type 2 diabetes, increase bad cholesterol, decrease good cholesterol, trigger systemic inflammation and adversely affect almost every cell in your body.
What substance could be so harmful that it causes all of these health problems and yet is so prevalent in our food supply that most people are eating dangerous amounts every single day? This industrially manufactured ingredient is called Trans fatty acids (TFA’s).
Public health messages have been raising awareness, but they haven’t been enough. “TFA’s are bad for you.” Ok, so now what? What you really need are some simple behaviour guidelines and a list of foods to eat very infrequently if you eat them at all.
“Hannah knows that avoiding TFA gives her a rocking Body ”
4 Ways to Avoid Trans Fatty Acids
1. Eat mostly foods that do not have a label
2. Watch for label loopholes
3. Read ingredients lists
4. Avoid foods that contain TFA’s most of the time
For a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and for better long-term compliance, I’m rarely in favour of tagging any foods as totally “forbidden” or to use words as strong as “poison” in describing foods. But if there are any exceptions, trans fats are one of them.