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what does it take to be a amateur bodybuilder

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what does it take to be a amateur bodybuilder

A few swear words come to mind first well because it’s not easy and unless your gifted with genetics then you are in for a hard ride even so you still need to work that body and most importantly mind and soul,so let me make it easy for you as a season veteran Bodybuilder who decided to step up on stage at 50 it takes well yes balls and big ones or a better word called courage.

Here are 5 suggested tips you need to check off your list

1-Have a Goal in mind

To just say you want compete or just get abs it is not enough….. you need to be specific and have a desired outcome for me it was to Win obviously but it also was to stay within a sensible eating plan after the hard yards and be a role model for my clients and tick it off the bucket list at 50 years of age !

Fact that Bodybuilders like myself who compete make better progress then those who do not. One reason is that regular competition forces you to cycle your training. Thus the body is constantly receiving new training stimulus and responds with new muscle growth.

Another reason that competitive bodybuilders make better progress is because they tend to make a great effort to learn as much as possible about the sport. With more knowledge comes better progress. Knowledge is power!

And there is nothing like competition to bring out the best in someone

2.-Get a PT/Coach who knows his/her stuff

I can’t emphasize this enough (do your homework find out what other clients they have trained for competition and ask for numbers so you can call them) and check out the federations and do your est to stick with one it will serve you well in the long term.

Let me make this crystal clear without the support of my  awesome Trainer and former MR Australia  Gary of PT revolution quite simply it wouldn’t happen without the support from Gary .

Gary was there every step of the way and getting an unbiased opinion as to what body part’s I needed to focus on and he continues to train me as it doesn’t stop after comp regardless of your goals.I also worked out on smaller muscle groups with my fellow co worker Holly  just as a top up adding finishing touches.

A great PT  will also guide you along the way with your posing and stage presence ,nutrition and mindset and be available to take call’s for you on those times you need to speak to him/her.

3-Have a supportive Partner

Make no doubt about it being transparent is key, if your going to compete be honest tell your partner your intentions and hopefully they will support you (if they get it-if not explain it to them or take them to a show and work at it )

You need to empower them with knowledge of what’s required from you as they are not mind readers and warn them of your grumpiness or lack of carbs sure they will get it…..

For me this was what was the big driver luckily my gorgeous wife Danni was always one step ahead of me -be it preparing my meals or taking time out to go for walks(which in itself was hard) Danni even tanned me up and pumped and primed me up for the show so the trophy was just as much hers as it was mine…

4Have Fun and enjoy the journey as much of the destination

So you may of cheated or missed a workout “big deal” its not the end of your world its getting to make you understand how you behave and your triggers (so you learn something new about yourself very quickly)and move on

5-Finally Your actions

Whether you think something like competing is possible or impossible for you it will depend on more of what you do about it than on any other factor.(Every Action has a reaction)
Certainly and make no mistake about it there are obstacles that will stand in your way (as getting on stage is challenge but extremely rewarding). And you can choose to use those obstacles as excuses for not taking action,Or, you can choose to get up, get motivated and get busy working your way toward the results you seek holding your head up high on stage knowing you did everything in your power to be your best.

Trust me when I say once you begin to take massive action, the obstacles lose their power to stop you and instead become steps along the pathway to achievement.

The actions necessary for success can often seem to be difficult, complicated, inconvenient, embarrassing, uncomfortable, tiresome or demeaning. Realize that those undesirable qualities are, for the most part, mere inventions of your mind, and your choice to take action will override them every time.

When you know what you must do, then go ahead and make it happen. Stop focusing on the excuses and start moving toward real, valuable achievement.

Your actions have the power to change your life and to change your world. Make full use of them, and fulfill your greatest

thanks and feel free to contact me for any fitness tips and advice click here

In health always

Fred Liberatore