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12 Ways on how I Celebrated My 56th Birthday!

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12 Ways on how I Celebrated My 56th Birthday!

Listed here are 12 specific ideas to make my special day even more special. perhaps you don’t really celebrate your birthday – some people I know don’t – or perhaps your birthday is your favourite day of the year. Either way, you will want to read this article that I am sure will resonate with you.

  1. Eating my favourite food. It’s my day – I deserve it. Even if your favourite foods don’t really “go together,” they do today. For me, it’s the simple things like a bowl of pasta ! Followed by an apple slice (yep I’m going all-in/out )
  2. Do my favourite childhood activity. Jumping rope (I’m not that good at it) Buts it’s a great way to reignite my inner child and my creativity. I do it for pure enjoyment.  
  3. I Remember my favourite birthday. It was my 21st the memories were awesome and the people I am still in touch with today.
  4. Sang out loud. Yep, on the way to work can only imagine what the drivers thought but hey it was early and with delight ( and groove is in the heart )hint ! Laughter feels good and is good for you.  
  5. Gave a gift to someone else. We all know it feels better to give than receive, so why not give gifts to others on our birthday? For me it’s starting with my 91-year-old fit mother – after all, she had a more memorable day when my twin and I were born at 8lb’s each total 16lb’s than I did!
  6. Gave my day away! For every client that I trained TODAY I gave a small portion to my favourite charity B1 G1 it’s a global business giving movement on a mission to create a world full of giving.  
  7. Gave myself the gift of time. Sometimes our days are so packed with events and tasks that we don’t have time for ourselves. So come early pm I am couch surfing after a gruelling leg session and resting and relaxing. It doesn’t have to be a long time – think about the 60 minute’s top.
  8. Sent myself a card. A few days before my birthday I find a card that I loved, signed it, and write myself a note. Then addressed and stamp the envelope and asked someone to mail it to me a couple of days before my birthday. This is a great way to guarantee a card, and I promise it will make you smile. I got that card today-how’s that for timing Aus Post 
  9. Spent time with someone I love. This might overlap with a couple of other ideas on the list – but that’s OK. What could make for a better day than spending time with my lovely wife Danni who cares about me the most?
  10. Made a memory. For me it’s a personal one but if you challenge yourself to create memories today that will last a lifetime.
  11. Reflected on the last year. Yes, my 56th birthday is a huge milestone, so I used this great day to review my results and actions of the past year,I got to become an author of my book  and survived this past few years with my studio and was determined what was working – and what isn’t! A kind of audit on myself (just not a tax one). 
  12. Set some new big hairy audacious goals. Today is a perfect day to look forward, to project into the future, to set goals for the next twelve months. I have them all written down from health to relationship to work goals, today was a perfect day to revisit and create them!

Final Note: Your birthday is a day to celebrate, but also a day to look forward to. Perhaps the new goals include a better and fitter version of you and personal growth. 

If so, I would be honoured if you would opt in to my website at . When you opt-in you will receive insights, and inspiration when it comes to your fitness goals.

As I will be launching my app soon.Impacting  More Lives and building my own app platform will help me positively impact more lives around the world and reinforce my passion for health and fitness.

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Or you might want to do my 12-week challenge if you’re a local east Malvern resident

Whatever it is your looking at doing Consider it your gift of health to yourself – and my ongoing birthday gift to you and remember to look after your body for the first 50 years and it will look after you for the next 50

Fred Liberatore

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