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Tristan Shed 50 Kgs – Working Out 3 x 45 Minutes For 10 Months

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Tristan Shed 50 Kgs – Working Out 3 x 45 Minutes For 10 Months

We get it at Realfit and understand that self-respect for your body can be your biggest ally or worst enemy. For Tristan, it was the latter, and unfortunately, he wasn’t even aware of the damage that was being done.

Growing up Tristan basically let himself go, and what was worse he convinced himself that it wasn’t a real issue – so much so that he even made fun of himself. “I often heard kids making fun of me behind my back,” he explains, “and I thought I was countering the psychological warfare by laughing at myself.” In his mind, this helped him deal with the verbal abuse and his self-image, but all of that changed with his phenomenal Transformation.

He walked into our studio in east Malvern and here was a guy that really knew what he was after, and he just wanted that big A word YES accountability. I teamed him up with Jawid whose specialty is helping people to perform better and at optimum level so that led to me having him team up with Tristen the task had been set and Tristan would keep accountable to Jawid, especially with his nutrition goals.

Jawid notes that The Human body is designed to move I love challenging my clients with different kinds of exercise programs and different movement patterns. I have a very diverse style.

  • Functional training
  • Weight loss
  • Mass gain
  • Building strength
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • Sports injury rehab
  • Sport-specific training
  • Pain management (rehab)
  • Corrective exercises
  • Nutrition advice

“Never let anyone else tell you that you’re not good enough, fast enough, or strong enough. Take it out of their hands and become the best version of you that you can be.” says Tristen well he is living proof that you can accomplish anything in life with the right tools and more important the right support well done Tristen watch my interview here:

50 Kg drop in 6 Months Realfit 1-1 Personal Training

What a journey! I’ve come such a long way…and I will do this again in a heartbeat. Says Tristen

Whenever I feel hungry outside of my normal eating routine, I stop and ask myself “Are you hungry or are you bored?” Whenever I have a doubt about what to buy to eat, I simply say to myself “I make healthy food choices” and I am automatically drawn to healthier options. Even my “cheat meals” is just a variation of a healthy meal.

Another huge help and support on this journey, has been the Realfit Team Im greeted by staff like Dave and Fred as well as encouraged by clients. It has become a part of my daily routine, and every day I see and read so many posts of people transforming themselves, adopting healthier lifestyles also on the Leanmuscle Facebook group. The support and encouragement is phenomenal and I am constantly inspired to keep going. Thank you Jawid and the team for having the vision, and your encouragement for me to share my story.

The Team & Tristan

You have no idea of just how many people you touch and how many people take a step towards a healthier version of themselves through Realfit

My journey is not over, and I have not arrived yet. I’m merely getting to the good, fun, and more challenging part of this journey, and I am filled with optimism, gratitude, and humility going forward I cannot wait to keep posting and give so many others hope and inspiration to take accountability for their life and health and make that healthy change that ultimately becomes a permanent, sustainable lifestyle.

 I am in the best state of health of my entire life both physically and emotionally. I eat six meals a day and do weight training 3 days a week and cardio training.