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Small Group Fitness Classes

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Malvern Small Group Fitness Training Classes

Are you ready to get started enjoying your body transformation?

As we reluctantly embrace the journey of ageing around busy lifestyles and forever growing commitments, the importance of balanced strength and cardio training for ourselves becomes undeniable. At Realfit, we empower you to redefine what’s possible, not just in the gym but in every facet of your stage of life.

Building and maintaining strength becomes the cornerstone for a vibrant and fulfilling life no matter what stage you’re in. Consistency, commitment, support and guidance are the foundation towards your goals.

Our group training delivers a semi-private holistic approach to fitness. We all know by now It’s not just about the reps in the gym; it’s a personalised support, to drive sustainable change toward your transformation that permeates into your confidence, nutrition, sleep, stress and injury management. It all starts in the local Malvern gym!

Get Started with Group Personal Fitness Class in Malvern

  • Semi-private group sessions (Classes limited at 10 x spots) so you’re not overwhelmed and have hand on support
  • Training sessions are scheduled with the same group each time which builds friendships and genuine celebrating wins
  • Minimum 2 – 3 x personal trainer run, sessions per week with options available at different times during the week and make sup sessions if you miss.
  • Professional, balanced and targeted programming each week takes the worry about one size fits all model and allows personalised variations based on your needs.
  • 6-12 x week reviews using the latest in technology for individualised tracking ang goal resetting to avoid plateaus and support continued growth.

Join A
Group Training Class And Get Fit Together!

This isn’t just a workout; it’s a community-driven experience designed for transformation and lasting change. Our expert personal trainers and allied health professionals are here to help you every step of the way.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that extends far beyond the gym floor? At Realfit we’re not just here to help you lift weights we’re here to help you lift your entire life.

Join our proven small group sessions for a fitness experience that transcends the ordinary, are you ready to redefine aging, elevate your strength, and transform your life? Don’t leave it to chance, you are the most important asses in your life. Contact or call to book your spot 03 9571 9271.