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Our Sister Company leanmuscle is Australia's #1 FAT LOSS Body Transformation Program

An incredible body is within your grasp in as little as 12 weeks ! 😊



You want to know more about combining the type of foods groups for your body type
You're looking to learn how to effectively train without causing injury
Your mind is like an umbrella which open to new learnings
You want that sense of someone keeping you on track a go to person
AKA Accountability Coach/PT
If your sick and tired of spinning that wheel and going on that meri go round of weight loss contact me at lean muscle and my goal is simple to help you reach yours.

So, come join me in the quest of lean muscle and together let's discover how high Up is!πŸŽ‰


All The Tools You Need To Build A Great Physique in 12 weeks
Fred Liberatore
Founder & Head Coach

About Lean Muscle

With lean muscle it starts with you and for me the achievement of a dream, started in 1998, to bring coaching training and nutrition to the next level. This is made possible by creating an online coaching platform specializing in 3 keys areas:

  • Mind Set Our Audio Program enables you to get clarity and certainty
  • Nutrition coaching-Our comprehensive Food manual and video's gives you all the things you need to know and why with a no bullshit approach
  • Workout coaching will explain in detail what exercises to do and why
  • You see When I created these program’s into these 3 platforms I really wanted to be different than any other option available out there. Instead of offering a basic cookie cutter approach to diets and workout, I decided to focus on individualistic nature of a person goals and needs so the programs are designed for you; The person who wants more attention, more dedicated help, and proven plans and systems that will work.
  • Now, I help everyday people who are sick and tired of their stubborn weight and are on the quest to truly transform their body with lasting results. How you may ask well I work with people's body types and then deploy a program based on that to ensure long term success.

    Online Personal Training Sessions

    • Online Personal Training session to meet your goals
    • Consultation with your trainer to discuss your goals and complete a medical clearance.
    • Personalised nutrition plans accelerate your goals.
    • Training program tailored to your lifestyle
    • Re-assessments to track your progress

    We've Transformed Hundreds of Lives face to face and online





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    Achieve Your Goals With 100% Confidence
    Regular check in and Assessments
    Personal Training Programs Customised For You
    Support And Accountability Towards Your Goals
    Maximise Your Dollar Spent
    Over 290 Google reviews our clients love us

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    FAQs About Online Personal Training

    We aren't going to lie the Online PT is challenging but very rewarding.

    Our clients that commit see results in as little as the first few weeks,like anything you get out what you put in

    Once we go over your complimentary fitness assesment will match you with the right trainer based on your goals.

    Your times will be based on your schedule and our trainers schedule.

    We really love routine so we ask you commit to the same date and times each week where possible

    Yes, we are registered with Fitness Australia and Certified, we keep our CE'S(Continung education Services up to date so you can be rest assured we have your safety in mind

    Yes, will provide you with a comprehensive ebook as well as nutrition video's which is packed with information such as Breakfast options.We even cook up a cheat meal with a chef, all for you and part of our program to fast track your results

    To be honest its like asking how long a Piece of string is ! When we jump on a call will go over the program will discuss best options for you

    Do you have another personal training question? Please contact us to book a free consultation, we’d love to meet you in person and answer all of your questions.

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