Dish each of your meals up using the “Fist/Palm/Thumb Rule” (see explanation below) and then do one of the following:

You can eat all the right foods at the right times, but if you’re eating too much, it’s going to be tough to lose fat. So, I want you to work on the following strategy to ensure that you have the right portions at each meal.

1. IF YOU START TO FEEL FULL before you’ve finished all the food on your plate, simply put your fork down and save the rest for later.

Never feel like you have to finish everything on your plate. The Fist/Palm/Thumb Rule is an excellent guide of how much to dish up, but ultimately, you should pay attention to your internal signs of hunger and fullness to know when to stop eating. That is, let your body be your guide for when and how much to eat.

2. IF YOU’VE EATEN EVERYTHING ON YOUR PLATE AND DON’T YET FEEL FULL, before you go back for more, wait 15 minutes and have a large glass of water. It often takes your brain 15 minutes or so to catch up with your stomach and you’ll often find that you weren’t really still hungry after all.

If you choose the right foods (a natural carb with a protein and healthy fat) and then listen to your body and stop eating when full, you simply cannot fail.

Now, here’s a little more on the “Fist/Palm/Thumb Rule” … because counting, calculating, and measuring your food is way too complicated and time-consuming. Figuring out your meal portions really doesn’t need to be that difficult! Here’s a much easier way:

Here’s how to select the right portion of each food type, specifically for YOU:

Carbs (Starchy, Simple, and Fibrous)
The carb that you choose for each meal should be approximately the size of your fist. For example, the average woman has a fist about the size of a small baked potato. Note: Some meals suggest more than one type of carb.

For example, at meal 2 you might have half of a baked potato (starchy carb) and half an apple (simple carb), so that the size of your total portion of carbs (starchy + simple) is about the size of your fist.

James followed this rule for an award winning physique

Your choice of protein should be approximately the size of your palm. For example, a medium-sized chicken breast.

The fat source you choose should be about the size of your thumb. This is about 5 almonds for the averaged-sized woman or 7 almonds for the average man.

Using the Fist/Palm/Thumb Rule to dish up your portions and then listening to your body as your guide for when to put your fork down or go back for more (after waiting 15 minutes).


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