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Realfit is a results-based Gym and Personal training facility located in Malvern East, Melbourne. Book An Appointment Today!

+61-3-9571-9271 135 Waverley Rd, Malvern East
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All our equipment undergoes regular servicing so you can be rest assured it's all in safe and excellent working order.

We are all about ensuring your success we provide comprehensive nutrition information to keep you on track.

We have both seperate Men & Momen shower and bathroom facility which we pride ourselves in keeping clean.

We provide a safe enviornment to include a defibrillator and first aid kit as safety is our highest priority.

Malvern's leading
studio since 2006!

The guys are really motivating and fun to work with, as well as knowing their stuff and being good teachers. I have just read Fred's new book, which has given me renewed motivation. I'm even going to have a go at a slightly modified Keto Diet. Let's see how I go.

Gary Jackson 63 years young

I cannot believe how thorough & comprehensive the information they provide you with along with the whatsapp & facebook groups such a great community vibe where you won't feel like your doing it alone.

Renee Kiarie 53 years young

A great gym with a supportive and friendly atmosphere. Fred is fantastic at tailoring to individual needs within a group PT session and I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and strength.

Lydia Dyas 49 Years Young

Train Strong

“Only the weak attempts to accomplish what he knows he can already achieve.” Setting goals for yourself is all well and good, but if they’re too easy they aren’t going to do much good for your motivation you see at Realfit we believe in the principal If you push yourself that little bit harder, workout that little bit longer, train for a few more points, you will be amazed how much you can do, and the improvements will start flowing.

Immune 00%
Heart & Energy 00%
Joints & Bones 00%
Skin 00%

Take Charge Of Your Life

One's life and destiny are often in their own hands — one's actions and decisions decide one's fate. Taking charge of one's life can steer people in the right direction in life. No one else can take the decisions for you to take you on the path that you wish. That power is only vested in the individual's hands.