Being a Veteran Personal Trainer (PT) for many year’s, I am frequently involved in conversations on social media about training and everything from whats the best diet to go on or exercise routine and how to best achieve results .

One morning, a PT in a particular group consisting of PT’s all around the country asked the question Fred  “Do any of you have your own personal trainer/coach and if so why?”

To me, what looked like a very clear and cut answer (of course, yes! )

If you ever wish to be highly successful in your field, it is my belief that you MUST have a coach or trainer. I’m not talking about Joe Blow around the corner who does an 8 week course (half ass) and thinks he’s gods gift to man as a PT – no!
I’m talking about someone who is highly qualified, experienced and actually gives a shit about helping you achieve your goals!
You see what I have seen now is the trend is that too many trainers in the industry focus too little on results and more on how much money they can make from people. Y

If you’ve got big goals (let’s face it who doesn’t),then I suggest that you  read up ;
7 reason’s why you need a trainer/coach:
1) They are highly qualified in their field and have trained people with goals exactly the same as yours
2) They have experience with overcoming problems that may arise throughout the process
3) They continually educate themselves on the best methods to achieve your goals in the industry
4) They know how to encourage, support and motivate you
5) They know when to kick you up the ass when you need it
6) They track and measure your results to make sure you are on the right track
7) They keep you ACCOUNTABLE! 
The reason why most average trainers get ok results with people is because they at least keep them accountable to their goals. If you’re paying for a service and are being held accountable by someone, there is a massive chance you’ll actually put the work in to achieve a certain outcome!
If you want to achieve real success with your health and fitness goals – then do what I did and find a good quality trainer  that will hold you accountable to your goals even if at times, you fall off track.
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In health always

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