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Five things a Pt can offer:


When you take on a long-term goal, you need to structure your life to achieve it. A PT will save you a lot of stressful fretting about whether you’re doing too much, not enough, or not the right thing.

They can set you a systematic, progressive program. They can tell you what’s important and what’s not. I love having to think no harder than: “What day is it? Tuesday. OK, speedwork.” Exactly what sort of speedwork is the Pt’s surprise.

2. Accountability

A PT will keep you honest. If you struggle with self-discipline, then knowing that a coach is going to be encouraging you and checking on your training progress is very helpful in sticking with a program.

There’s nothing more pathetic than ‘fessing up to the coach that you didn’t make it to training because you got talked into going out instead. And if you are self-disciplined, a coach will reinforce the work you’re doing and give feedback.

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3. Motivation

A bit like accountability, motivation can be the enemy of anyone who has set themselves a longish-term running goal. The mental challenge of such an undertaking shouldn’t be underestimated. Some training days are easier to endure than others, so having a PT can help you through the tough weeks.

Personal Trainers can be inspiring if they share their own experiences or those of other athletes they’ve managed. They can help you keep things in perspective and they can modify a program to keep you engaged.

4. Knowledge

You have to trust your PT to be the expert and to know what they’re doing. You put your faith in them to build a program that’s going to help you achieve your goals in the most efficient, effective way possible.

This takes a lot of pressure off you and certainly beats finding out the hard way that you’ve been doing it all wrong. The teacher/student relationship can be very rewarding. A coach can help you find inner strength that you didn’t know you had.  A coach teaches you the science behind the training.

5. Time management

What you spend on a PT will probably save you money, time and stress. A training program that’s tailor-made for you, with the flexibility to be altered according to how you’re handling it, is likely to save you from getting injured. Overuse injuries are the most typical among runners, and coaches are good at picking up on when you might be a candidate.

Overtraining can end up costing a lot in physiotherapy, doctor visits, X-rays and MRIs. Not to mention time off training. Coaches can save you time by scheduling a program that will deliver the outcomes you’re aiming for while not compromising your “other” life.

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