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Your Liver Is Bombarded

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Your Liver Is Bombarded

Numerous toxic chemicals used in our food supply negatively affect the thyroid gland, slowing down metabolism and our ability to lose fat

•  Some scientists believe that our body actually creates more fat to deal with the load of environmental toxins we are exposed to.

Because toxins are so damaging to our sensitive cellular DNA, in an effort to protect itself from these toxins, the body may add more storage by increasing the amount of fat we have, and protect us from future damage by holding onto the toxins by not letting us release them back into our system.

Peter eliminated Toxins by following my Food Program 
Research is somewhat new on this and it does not create an excuse for why we’re overweight, but it is something that cannot be ignored.

Lina combined healthy eating and resistance training to look this great !

The #1 easiest way To Rid Your Body Of Dangerous Toxins, Chemicals, and Pesticides Is…

  • Load up on Green Veggies
  • Don’t Skip Meals
  • Set a deadline to stop eating by 7pm at Night
  • Don’t go for more than 4 hours without eating
  • Drink 2 glasses of Water before eating
  • Meditate to reduce stress
  • Eat Before you get hungry
  • Be honest with yourself

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