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Winning isn’t everything but wanting to is !

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Winning isn’t everything but wanting to is !

I have discovered over the years that a fascinating fact about your subconscious mind is that it’s completely deductive in nature.

In other words, it’s fully capable of working backwards from the end to the means. You don’t need to know how to reach a goal at the time…

I tell my clients and also myself for that matter that you can use visualisation to plant goals into your subconscious mind.

You simply close your eyes, use your imagination and mentally create pictures and run big movies of your desired results. For example, in your mind’s eye, you can see the “body of your dreams”.

 If repeated consistently with emotion, mental images are accepted by your subconscious as commands and this helps with changing habits, behavior and performance.

Although there are some new and creative ways to use visualization, (which you are about to learn), this is not a new technique. Visualization has been used formally in the fields of sports psychology and personal development for decades and philosophers have discussed it for centuries:

From the words of my friend the late doctor Wayne Dyer (Pictured with me below)

” Fred the use of mental imagery is one of the strongest and most effective strategies for making something happen for you.”               – Dr. Wayne Dyer

A common use of visualization in the fitness context is “goal visualization.” In your mind’s eye, you can see yourself having already achieved your physique goal or your ideal goal weight. You can also visualize a specific performance goal such as completing a difficult workout or a heavy lift like a squat or bench press and that way you will know that winning is not everything but wanting to is !

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