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Wills 5 commandments of weight loss success

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Wills 5 commandments of weight loss success

An astonishing 96% of weight loss attempts fail. We gain back a tragic 95% of all the kilo’s we lose. I even tell my clients Dieting is worse than useless  Its counterproductive. Relying on will power often leads to weight gain. Most of the reasons we’re overweight have nothing to do with food or diet. But, not being aware of these simple truths, people turn to food-based approaches like dieting–and fail by the millions.

Commandment #1. Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Your “target weight” must be based in reality, not fantasy. If you’re trying to look like Barbie or Ken (or Pamela Anderson or “Arnold,”) you are in Fantasy land–and in danger as well. Make your goal to be healthy… not “perfect.”

Commandment #2. Beware Diet Industry “Solutions”

Failed diets cause tremendous amounts of unnecessary suffering. Yet we still turn to dieting and other heavily-promoted “solutions” because the Diet Industry still pushes them relentlessly.

Commandment #3. Understand That Weight Loss Success Is NOT About Food

Being overweight is actually not “the problem,” but a physical symptom of a non-physical problem. In other words, the excess weight you can see is only a symptom of a problem you can’t see. We fail because we can’t solve problems by attacking symptoms, but only by dealing with the real, root causes of obesity.

Commandment #4. Know Who You Are Losing Weight For

Who are you really trying to please or impress by losing weight? The only acceptable person to lose weight for is you.

Commandment #5. Know Who You Are Pleasing

If your goal is to please or impress anyone else, you are already in trouble. Getting to your healthiest weight is one thing in life that really should be “all about you.

Fact: Nearly everyone who stays at their target weight year after year uses a proven “success recipe” that makes success struggle-free and virtually effortless just like Will he is living proof. Only a few researchers and trainers  are aware of this. And you can be sure you won’t hear it from the Diet Industry.