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Will Power is useless !

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Will Power is useless !

Forget About “Will Power.” It’s Worse Than Useless!

New research makes it clear: Even if people do manage to lose some weight through will power, they won’t keep it off. Even worse, they typically gain back more than they lost! What could be more frustrating? You might as well have stayed home, relaxed, and pigged out!

But we always thought will power was the one thing we needed more of, right? So how can it be so un-powerful? The first problem is that your will power is the product of your conscious mind. Why is that a problem? Because what you actually do (or don’t do) in any given moment is determined not by what you consciously want to do, but by your unconscious motivations.

And why is that a problem? Because our unconscious motivations “live” in a part of us we don’t have ready access to–so we really don’t even know what they are! Which means that we really don’t know why we do a lot of the things we do.

So we end up not doing the things we promised ourselves we’d do–and doing what we swore we wouldn’t do!

Like Tim Tams instead of crunches. (Sound familiar?)

But  there’s an even a bigger reason will power is so lame. Our unconscious motivations are also more powerful. So our healthy, conscious desires are not just outnumbered, they’re out powered.

Question: What do you think happens in your life when your healthy, conscious desire to get fit is not supported by your own deeper motivations? Answer: No matter how committed your conscious mind is to success, you’re constantly getting “blindsided” by your own unconscious motivations–which makes it virtually impossible to reach your goals.

But why in the world would your unconscious motivations try to sabotage your healthy, conscious fitness goals? There are lots of possible reasons–but that’s another article.

Our point here is this:

If you have a history of struggling with your weight, then you can be 100% sure you have some powerful but unseen motivations that are not supporting your healthy, conscious goals. You have a “hidden agenda” that’s continually sabotaging you. Maybe not pleasant to think about, but undeniably true.

So if you’ve ever felt frustrated by your lack of progress, at least you now understand what you’ve been up against.

And now you know why will power is useless as a weight loss tool, because it puts you at war with yourself! Unfortunately, it’s a war you can’t win–as long as long as you’re self-sabotaging motivations remain unchanged.

The good news is, there’s now a way to turn those powerful “inner enemies” into equally powerful allies. Just imagine for a moment what would happen in your life if all of your motivations–both conscious and unconscious–were aligned toward your success heading into the final part of the challenge.

Now it would be just as hard to fail as it once was to succeed!

Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? But thousands of real challengers have already done it. In fact, challengers all over Australia are now experiencing the kind of success they’d once only dreamed about.