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Why you can and why you will never quit !

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Why you can and why you will never quit !

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I like to live by that mantra of Never quitting and to use each set back and disappointment as a cue to push ahead with determination than ever than before.
Trust me when I say that you will create the life you choose at 50 year old I like to think that I am living proof

Quitting is not an option say’s Fred

I also like to Use the power of visualization to do two things.

First, use your thoughts to make it even more uncomfortable, even more painful for you not to take action.

Second, visualize in great detail all the positive and desirable rewards you’ll create by going ahead and getting it done -whatever the goal. In your mind, make it so compelling to take action that you cannot avoid doing so “that’s what I did when I stepped up on stage winning my competition”.

I am sure that many times in the past, you’ve successfully avoided action by telling yourself why you can’t or why you won’t. Now, choose to use that same power to tell yourself  why you can and why you will.

Remember that you control the awesome power of your thoughts. And with your thoughts you can successfully visualize yourself into action every time.