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Why New Years Resolutions Don’t Work & What To Do Instead

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why new year's resolutions don't work

Why New Years Resolutions Don’t Work & What To Do Instead

Just about every year you can count on it, we are sitting at the Christmas table thinking their Ill gorge myself today feel the pain and pay the price tomorrow and start my new year’s resolution come January 1st better still January 2nd and no that is a Tuesday I want to start on a Monday so ill do it the first Monday in January.

Suddenly we find ourselves talking out of it yet again, it is too hot or its too hard and I need to buy more stuff as the boxing day sales are on!  

I tell my clients and even myself that we are always a work in progress, you will never get to your ideal physique and think yep, I have made it!

Taking on a resistance training campaign is hard work, and it requires you to have a sense of tenacity, a can do and go get em attitude you see motivation (is what people think for new year’s) when in fact its more about being accountable and doing 2 things well testing and measuring!

When setting goals for ourselves we often think of weight loss when in fact we should be thinking of fat loss as muscle also weigh is and we need to take into consideration our bone and muscle mass, so next time you are doing an audit on your health think about for men when was the last time you fit into those jeans and ladies how about that black dress that is sitting way back in the wardrobe waiting to just be put on!

As a veteran Personal Trainer for over 3 decades, I have often seen people train to failure and what ends up happening is that they only set themselves up to fail.

When we undergo a smart training program and working with a personal trainer the benefit is that your training is optimised so you always stay in the no threat zone pushing your previously limits and reducing the chance for injury!

The other advantage of working with a personal trainer besides the fact that they keep you accountable is that good personal trainer’s will have a good understanding of your body type and therefore provide you with a workout based on your body type as an example we have generally 3 types as follows

Endomorph larger frame and large bones they tend to put on weight quicker and need more high-volume training and high repetitions their workouts should be more functional and compound movements.

Mesomorph more middle range they have been genetically gifted, and they respond well to weight training and can mix things up with training.

Ectomorph these are more the skinny fat types of physiques the ones that can eat you out of house and home, yet have trouble adding muscle to their frame and therefore they require more lower repetitions with basic movements.

You can have a mix of both just be sure to ask your trainer what body type they think you are.

5 Simple Steps for Fitness Success

Whilst about new year’s resolutions I have put together 5 simple steps to consider when approaching your fitness:

  1. Step One:
    Start with the end in mind, in other words give yourself a deadline it is a great way to keep you accountable and as a hint should be no less than 12 weeks as that tends to be the barometer for change.
  2. Step Two:
    Don’t make this a secret mission in other words talk to your loved ones about what you’re doing, you be surprised on how encouraging they can be after all that magic also happens outside the gym in the kitchen and what you’re consuming and how you’re sleeping it’s really a whole 3-pronged approach.
  3. Step Three:
    Allow yourself to eat an indulgent meal every now and then a cheat meal is not the end of the world, believe me most of my clients that decide to go for a cheat meal end up feeling sick or bloated and regret why they did it in the first place.
  4. Step Four:
    Stop procrastinating and start today, you see as human’s we tend to procrastinate and wait for the perfect day or whatever our version of perfect is, so snap out of it and start putting pen to paper and this will be your blueprint for success and yours to own.
  5. Step Five:
    Start changing your relationship with food and eat less, I often fast once a week I find it a very powerful way to change your relationship with food remember if you use the 80/20 rule meaning 80% of your food should be nutritional doing things like eating close to nature and consuming whole foods and understanding the principals of macros that is carbohydrate’s fat and proteins and 20 recreational meaning you can have a bubble with your meal or a glass of wine or even your favourite dessert (but share it with your partner)just don’t go overboard.


So, this new year spend the last 12 months reflecting on what you did well and what you could of done better and how you approached fat loss with a winners mindset, there are also scientific studies to show that meditation will help improve your mood and increase your bran’s grey matter and give you a sense of belonging.

In conclusion, be sure to get to understand your why, once you determine why it is that you’re wanting to give your body the health it deserves it will reward you back tenfold, after all I have always said if you look after your body for the first 50 years it will look after you for the next.

So, make this year your best yet and have a positive attitude which will not only make you resilient but will enable you to laugh with health each day and you will be well greet the new year with more than a smile as you will be way to a healthier and fitter version of yourself.