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Why Hamstrings Matter !

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Why Hamstrings Matter !

I often tell my clients that weak hamstrings can lead to injury, and nonexistent hamstrings can lead to aesthetic embarrassment, these imbalances need to be taken seriously.

So Like me If you’re looking for ways to bring up your hamstrings, Incorporate one or more into your training, both for aesthetic reasons and to better stabilize your knee joint.

Since the hamstrings attach above the hips, movements in which you’re bending over at the hip work the upper area of the hamstrings (as well as the glutes) effectively as well.


Don’t restrict your hamstrings workout to just movements in which you bend at the knees. Bending at the hips also works the upper hamstrings and is a smart complement to leg-curl movements.

It’s a good idea to stretch a target muscle after any workout, but it’s especially important with hamstrings, given not their high incidence of injury and the relationship between tight hamstrings and lower-back pain. Tight hamstrings pull on the pelvis, contributing to misalignment that ultimately can result in low-back injury.

Nearly every longtime bodybuilder has dealt with lower-back pain at some point, and it’s not to be taken lightly. A few 30-second stretches can help elongate muscle tissue that’s become shortened after an intense workout.