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“what to look for when choosing a great Personal Trainer” is locked what to look for when choosing a great Personal Trainer

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Yes we live in such a now society everyone want’s results now and not every trainer can deliver a great transformation yes it certainly depends on the client but most importantly you need to look for the following when choosing the right trainer for you and your goals.

  • Are they qualified and do they attend regular workshops and are they actively involved in the fitness industry
  • Do they offer a flexible payment policy and discount for more than a few sessions a week and do they offer supplement and dietary advise based on your goals
  • Are they available on particular times of the day and even on weekend a good trainer is always available early morning and late evening’s
  • Do they recommend that you have a medical check-up before embarking on a new exercise program? This is particularly important if you haven’t exercised in a long time, are overweight, are aged over 40 years or have a chronic medical condition.
  • Do they have some real systems in place to ensure you succeed (this could be a simple sms or an email directly towards a topic eg.benefits of fats etc,)

A successful Personal Trainer has a great Personality and is usually a busy one and also walks the talk and is in relatively good shape they don’t have to be the next Mr Olimpia or Bikini model but they do need to lead by example and be honest even if they don’t know what the answer is to a question but provide the answer at a later date


Team Realfit Personal Trainers

So if your looking for a great Team of Personal Trainer’s you can’t go past the team at Realfit with years of experience they are made up of the following

Fred Liberatore(Studio Owner)

Donny Henderson Smith

Jodi Sheafe

Justine Switalla

Jessica Anderson

Jack Mclean

Harry Sandhu

Jeremy Strong

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