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what is Glycemic Index ?

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what is Glycemic Index ?

The Glycemic Index ranks foods in terms of their ability to raise your blood sugar within two to three hours after eating.The index pertains many to carbohydrates such as vegetables,grains and fruits,since protein and fats do not raise blood sugar significantly.It ranks foods on a numerical scale,comparing their glycemic value to that of sugar,which has a value of 100.

Prior to the development of the index,scientists assumed that simple sugars such as table,corn sugar and fructose hit the blood stream much faster than complex carbs such as whole grains.Suprisingly however,we know that this is not always the case,and that complex carbohydrates are all very different in terms of how quickly they break down during digestion.

For example,some foods like barley break down very slowly therefore release glucose in very gradual manner in the blood stream.Other complex carbs like potatoes,dates and pineapple break down even faster than table sugar and thereby often cause problems by inducing rapid surges in blood sugar levels.

An example of sugar content in the following foods;

1 slice of white bread equal to approximately 20 teaspoons of sugar

Baked potato is equal to 15 teaspoons of sugar

Foods having a high G.I.(above 55 are )

Bowl white Rice and corn cob equual to 12 teaspoons of sugar

All products made from refined white flour,sugar,white rice.Tropical fruits eg watermelon,pineapple and banana. Starchy Vegetable;eg Potato,Pumpkin,Parsnip and beetroot

Stripping fibre from food sources and over cooking food will increase the glycemic index.

Foods having a Low G.I.(below 55 are)

Whole grains,unrefined flour,brown rice,rolled oats and porridge.Foods that are rarely eaten lentils,dried beans,split peas,chick peas and green vegetables well as Apples,Pears and berries.

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