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what discipline has thought me over 28 years

As a amateur bodybuilder that has competed over 28 years I can tell you that Discipline is one of your most powerful tools. So you best Use it to your advantage.

For me discipline is nothing more than controlling my own behavior,such as getting up early to go to train or preparing your meals.

When it comes to transforming your body you have the power to make your own choices and to follow those choices. So why not make those choices you know the ones that will raise your life to greater and greater heights.

Discipline has taught me that every day I truly believe you have the opportunity to grow stronger not just with my muscles but more importantly with my mind.

Every moment you have the opportunity to make solid progress.

my 3 favourite trophies over the 28 years of competing
1.1988 my very first show
2.2000 biggest show
3.2016 last show

Use the discipline that is yours to seize those opportunities. Exercise the sweet control over your own actions that will bring great fulfillment to your days .
Focus on your most compelling and authentic desires, for in them you will find boundless energy to achieve. Do truly great things for the world by doing what gives you real fulfillment.
In discipline there is enormous power to which you already have access. Choose to use it, again and again, and trust me when I say there is no limit to the rewards it will bring it has thought and continues to teach me well .

Yours in health