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What A “Muscle Head” Says About Organic Food

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What A “Muscle Head” Says About Organic Food

I am not your typical “health and wellness” or “weight loss” expert. I am also competitive bodybuilder. We bodybuilders are well known for eating very clean diets with lots of lean protein and natural carbs, as well as for looking like “the picture of health” with our ripped abs and impressive muscularity.

We eat our oatmeal and egg whites for breakfast, and proudly walk around with our chicken breast, rice and broccoli or our flank steak, sweet potato and asparagus, and boast about how perfect and clean our meals are and how our diets are already “clean” and could not be improved.

But how many bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts are there – even serious, dedicated and educated ones – who don’t give a single thought to the poisonous chemicals that might be lurking in our supposedly “clean” food?Depending on what source you quote, the average Australian consumes as much as 80kgs  of chemicals and food additives per year.

Does ANYBODY out there think that this is good for you?

Didn’t think so.

If you had a way to avoid all these chemicals and toxins, would you at least explore it, even if it cost a little more?

well I did just that !
Food grown on certified organic farms does not contain:

Pesticides Herbicides Fungicides Hormones Antibiotics Chemical fertilizers

It is also not:

Irradiated Genetically modified

Beyond the “certified organic” label, grass fed beef and free range chicken (and eggs), have other advantages.Not only can there be tons of antibiotics, hormones, and other chemicals in our meat, but also commercially raised beef is fed grain or corn and yet that is not what the animals were meant to eat.

The result – aside from sick, drugged animals – is a higher overall fat, higher saturated fat and a screwed up ratio of omega three to omega six fats, which is a very big problem today – even when you think you’re eating “clean.” Most people accept the idea that “you are what you eat,” but they forget that the animals we eat are what they ate!

Last but not least, proponents of organic food suggest that the vitamin, mineral and phytonutrient content of commercially grown foods can be anywhere from a little bit low to virtually absent.

So… if organic and or grass fed beef and free range chicken can help us avoid some of these problems and dangers, then I’m all for it and the extra investment.

Sometimes it’s the people who live in fear of a disease who are most likely to get it.
Honestly, I can’t say I noticed any dramatic change in my physique or in the way I feel – at least not yet. I have always eaten clean and I was a successful bodybuilder for many years before I started eating more organic food and grass fed beef.

However, I feel confident about my decision to spend the extra money on grass fed beef, free range chicken (and eggs), and an increasing amount of organic food, knowing that I am avoiding toxins and getting more of the nutritional value I need to support my training and my health long term.

I’m certain this is the type of nutritional lifestyle change that can accrue benefits over time, even if you don’t see an immediate “transformation.
If your diet is currently such a total mess that you’re drinking a lot of alcohol, smoking, abusing coffee and stimulants, not even eating ANY fruits and vegetables to begin with…the do yourself a big favour and contact the the team at  THE ORGANIC KITCHEN CATERING

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A genuine love for cooking a simple, nutrient rich diet for optimum health and well being has become there life’s passion. There  menu’s are designed with the body’s natural processes in mind. A wide range of experience working with athletes, vegans and people with food intolerance has provided them with the knowledge to create a balanced and nutritious “cell and live giving” food lifestyle menu.

I understand the importance of eating close to mature free of any chemicals !

So my advice to everyone  is to become educated about what is really in your food, including how it is raised or grown, and to continuously seek ways to improve your nutrition above the level it’s at now.and contact the team and place a order  at The Organic Kitchen catering they deliver in metro Melbourne area and Trust me when I say there  food is born from a passion for Clean Eating, cooking and the holistic well being

Thanks In health & Fitness

Fred Liberatore