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What A “Fitness Model” Says About Food pick up

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What A “Fitness Model” Says About Food pick up

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Eating clean is a simple concept however it requires a lot of dedication to do it properly.  Being a Fitness Model is hard work but with the right preparation and support, a sustainable lifestyle of healthy eating is possible.

Adequate time to plan, shop, prepare and eat your meals is required, should you not schedule this into your routine, you’ll be left hungry and grumpy…not ideal, therefore it’s always great to have a back up plan.

To go out and purchase individual healthy meals from cafes each day is expensive, let alone to actually find meals with adequate nutritional value to fit into a fitness model diet.  I created a comparative budget between preparing my own meals and purchasing individual meals daily, and by doing the latter I would barely have enough money to pay my weekly gym fees.

As I work full time as a Promotional Business Developer outside my fitness modeling, there are weeks where shopping and preparing my food is next to impossible, that’s where Realfit has my  food has me covered.  It’s so refreshing to have my meals prepared for me, with nutritional content available for each meal and a cost that fits well within my budget.

Fred and his team at Realfit  place the same importance on healthy eating and a stress free lifestyle as I do.  Having these food’s available to me in busy times is a affordable and delicious way to assist in my competition preparation and maintenance of a healthy body.

The Realfit Food Program is based on making healthy choices fit into your lifestyle. The convenience is fantastic; the meals taste amazing and best of all it’s all prepared for you!

Hannah understand’s the importance of clean eating and Realfit Food has her covered