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We carve out time for ourselves

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personal trainers Fred and Danni

We carve out time for ourselves

time for us

What came first: business or love?
Love came first. We have known each other for almost eleven years and have been married for seven years.
So What’s  our best advice for balancing our work and love lives?
We make sure to constantly carve out time for ourselves. Both of us have our own lives outside of the business, and even outside of our marriage. We try to actively keep up with the hobbies that bring us happiness and help us escape from the stresses of the world. We also carve out time to be together and put the business conversations on hold. It’s important to understand that our marriage is sacred and holds priority over our business. If you both share that mindset, you’ll create a stronger understanding and bond with your spouse say’s Fred.
Make sure you both fully understand what your ultimate goals are and what you have to do to accomplish it. Your business life and married life may cross paths while you strive to achieve that goal but if you’re both on the same page about what it takes to get there, you’ll have a better sense of understanding when the two intertwine.

We’ve also found our skill sets and strengths complement each other. While they are very different, it allows us the autonomy to excel in our individual areas of expertise and then come together, working as a team