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Unbeatable Oats to start the day !

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Unbeatable Oats to start the day !

Did you know that Oats have been used since the Roman empire and compared to other grains,oats have a short recorded history.

Whole oats are available at natural food stores and supermarket and they provide the best range of essential nutrient’s such as calcium-oats are the best grain source of the main mineral calcium and in combination with the excellent supply of the minerals phosphorus and silicon,oats can be considered the best grain for maintenance and development of strong bones,teeth and heart muscles as well as promoting health nervous system.

  Whole oats are an excellent source of B group vitamins especially B1 and Inositol. Whole and rolled oats are one of the richest source of Inositol and this can be most beneficial for proper metabolism of fat,reduction of blood cholesterol levels,prevents hardening of the arteries and is essential for brain cell nutrition and treatment of constipation,baldness and heart disease.

Did you know that Oats are the second best grain-source of primary protein,they supply near 14% complete protein,so regular use of oats for breakfast will ensure you start the day with a good source of minerals calcium,phosphorus,silicon and sodium all contribute to promote healthy bone formation and they protect against a build up of organic and toxic elements within the blood stream and bone structure of the body.

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