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TRX not just for Hardcore Freeks !

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TRX not just for Hardcore Freeks !

Just the other day I  was working smashing it out on the TRX -Total Resistance Training and whilsts it was originally  developed for the military that does not mean that you can’t benefit from TRX training.

To understand it the  concept behind this form of exercise is fairly simple – you suspend your body using a pair of cables on your hands or feet, and then use your own body weight as resistance to work out your muscles. How you position your body on these cables affect the muscle groups you work out as well as the intensity of the work out.(Trsut me that it s a killer workout)

Some of the benefits of TRX training:

Master Coach Fred loves the variety TRX gives in workouts !


One of the biggest benefits of TRX is that it can be easily adapted to different stages of your fitness levels. It  appeals to endurance athletes who want to add a strength training component to their fitness routines. Others like me  find hanging around on suspension cables a “fun” thing to do.


The wide range of routines makes it very easy to find one that suits your own level of difficulty and build up as your muscular endurance increases. Complete novices can work out in the same class as seasoned exercisers, and still get what’s right for them.

Trx Guaranteed to blast fat and increase leanmuscle


TRX uses only two suspension straps, but there are infinite ways to use them. Lunges, planks, upper body resistance exercises, you can do it all with TRX and much more. even swinging on the straps for fun works out your arms. The icing on the cake? You can change your workout to suit your mood on any particular day, so that both your mind and body remains challenged every time.

This versatility is precisely why as a PT I Put my clients through a TRX workout ..


Apart from the “fun” and “anyone can do it” aspect, there are several benefits of TRX that may make you want to give it a shot and change things around in your next workout you be pleasantly surprised on how intense and rewarding the TRX is.