As a Personal Trainer for over 30 years I have had my fair share of training partners and I can tell you that although training partners have there benefits there are also a few drawbacks so I am going to list a few Pro’s and Cons


  • Training partner can obviously spot you for that extra rep
  • They can help you be accountable by having them show up to train with you
  • They don’t cost you anything


  • They don’t show up for the workout
  • They have different training goals to your’s and therefore have a different approach and philosophy to training
  • They are biased with there opinion on your physique

    Mahal understood the importance of having a personal trainer to achieve his goals in record time

    AT the end of the today a Good Personal Trainer or in that fact Training Partner needs to keep you committed and accountable for a win/win situation so why not contact the team at Realfit for a free pt session today !

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