The social veneer of modern day technologies has made as soft.The basic necessities of survival are a few mouse clicks away.It takes effort-focused,persistent,dedicated work toward a goal-to create anything of value,whether it’s a good family, a good career social life or anything else.Despite what fake fitness gurus say there are no shortcuts in this lifestyle you either do the work or you don’t and you either transform your body or you don’t.I Cringe every time I see someone I know hunting for short cuts to success, secretly obsessed with avoiding effort.Gotta get more for less.Gotta work smarter, not harder,Gotta find a easier way. Its total BS

It’s all about knowing deep down that we’re tough son’s of bitches.That we are wired differently from everyone else.That while we may not always win,we never lose because we didn’t work hard enough.

About Fred Liberatore

My name is Fred Liberatore and I’m a Body Transformation Expert at REALfit, located in East Malvern in Victoria. If you’re looking for a Personal Trainer, look no further. The REALfit team will train you hard while you slim down and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle here’s proof, click here to view our Success stories.

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