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So you may of had a new years resolution and set a realistic goal to shed a few kilo’s and get your new body back on track,but did you know that today 15th of January is the day whereby your new years resolution will either sink or swim.

If you don’t have a plan, random circumstances will make one for you. And you probably won’t like it much.

So why not Decide what you would like and go for it. Success is no more complicated than that.

The energy and time you spend can either bring you toward your dreams or it can keep you in the service of someone else’s dream. Choose to follow your own dreams.

Dan certainly had a plan and stuck to it

Explore your own most deeply held values and purposes. Decide precisely how you would like your world and your life to be.

The most dismal failures are not caused by the inability to reach a goal. Those failures are the result of not having a clear enough and meaningful enough goal.

Know exactly where you intend to go, and you’re much more likely to get there. Have a plan, follow it with persistence, and enjoy being where you sincerely choose to be.If your looking for some help with defining your goals let the team at Realfit Personal training help you achieve that goal click here for a free discovery session


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