Yes Folks  Personal Trainer Fred Liberatore reveals his secrets to his award winning quads lot of hard work but what really separated my quads was the single leg press,try it for yourself !

Muscles worked  Glutes Quads
Butt, Quads

  • Sit in a leg press machine with your right foot on the platform in front of you.
  • Place your left foot on the floor with your leg bent at about 90 degrees at the knee.
  • Grasp the handles at your sides and lean back in the chair. Keep your back straight and abdominals tight.
  • Push forward on the platform extending your right leg in front of you, keeping leg slightly bent at the knee.
  • Slowly lower the weight (platform) towards your body until your right leg is bent at about a 90 degree angle. If your left knee stops the platform from coming down before reaching the full range of motion, simply extend your left foot farther forward (which will lower you left knee).
  • Return the weight (platform) to the starting position by pushing the weight up with your right leg until it is almost straight.
  • Once you have completed a set with your right leg switch leg positions and complete a set with your left leg.


  • Don’t lock your knees so that your leg becomes straight when pushing the weight up.

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