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The Top 3 Ways To NOT Lose Weight

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The Top 3 Ways To NOT Lose Weight

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The first step to get the facts. First we need to understand why Diet Industry approaches fail so miserably. Then we need to look at actual scientific research data about what does work. Finally, we need to know how we can apply what we learn in our own lives.

We’re do all three of those things in this article.

Relying On Will Power

In truth, will power is a fragile and fickle thing — as anyone who has ever relied on it knows only too well. In reality, will power is no power at all. It’s simply the process of trying to overpower our own deeper motivations.

Skipping Meals / Fasting

Denying yourself food is a miserable, painful, and totally ineffective way to control your weight. And, because it is an act of self-deprivation — a very severe one — it will always create negative consequences. You can count on your own psyche to strike back at you, through your unconscious motivations.

With correct guidance and advice Anthony lost weight and kept it off !

Making Repeated Attempts To Lose Weight

It’s a truly vicious cycle, and one that can take a heavy toll, not just on our body, but on mind and spirit as well. Depression, even suicide, can result. So don’t waste another minute of your life on this deadly approach.

When properly blended, these three truths will create in your life a powerful weight loss recipe for success. When you put this success recipe to work in your own life, losing your unwanted pounds no longer feels like self-deprivation.

In fact, your weight loss becomes a powerful reward in itself.