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The reward is closer than I think thanks to Gary !

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The reward is closer than I think thanks to Gary !

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Question loomed on me today during my greulling leg session !

What can I do when it feel like there is no hope to push myself futher ?

Yes Sure I can keep going right !

So really what’s the best option when like me you  feel like giving up?

Well quite simply the best option is to keep going even harder and reframe whats going on in your head space and having Gary of PT revolution as my Personal Trainer taking my intensity to a whole new level .

The most effective response is to continue working with a trainer like Gary to move you forward no matter what other factors may be present.

For me the reward is closer with Gary keeping me accountable

A great Trainer like Gary also recognises that the future does not equal the past when it comes to working out he gets the fact that I  always need to be better than my last workout be in the intesity factor or form or heavier weights.

Though it can be easy to give up during your workout session , remember this. When you’re at the point of giving up, and with the help of a great trainer you’re also at the point where maximum value can be created.

So if you feel like giving up, then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by continuing to push forward and engading inthe services of a Personal Trainer.

Keep going, for the reward is closer with every step you take and why not keep yourself in check by working with a t Personal Trainer who has a proven track record and for me Gary is that guy and you can check my article for further reading  here on how important having a Personal Trainer isto contact Gary of PT Revolution click here  

Gary is making  reward a lot closer than I think when I  step up on stage in 2016 at 50 years of age.