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The Realfit Way to Stop Eating a lot of Fast Food

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The Realfit Way to Stop Eating a lot of Fast Food

I was driving down chapel street the other day and pulled over to use the rest room at a cafe  on a Saturday morning, The parking lot was full, it was standing-room only inside and the lines snaked around into the seating area!  there recent split up or something.

You’d think Brad and Angelina were there signing autographs afterNope. Just a regular weekend at breakfast-time.

Yep. It looks like your friends and family’s nagging you to stop eating lot of food, and all the messages of the health and fitness industry to get people eating more “health food” are  just not working!

So what does work?

The primary reasons people  eat it anyway are because of the perceived convenience and a dislike for cooking! (I’d add another: they think outdoor and in particular fast food is always cheaper than healthy food).

What’s the right approach?

Well at Realfit we teach people how to make healthy eating fast, convenient and easy, because those are the reasons people are choosing fast food in the first place.

So what’s holding us back from implementing or taking this advice?

Well, I think that most people can’t get over the ideas that they “just cant cook” or that cooking is “too time consuming” or that healthy food “tastes like dirt” (as if Macca’s is gourmet food!)

That said, I’m not going to nag you, scold you or try to scare you out of eating fast food. I’m not going to lecture you about health food (not today, anyway). Nor am I going to bad-mouth the fast food restaurants.

I’m going to lead the new charge by showing you just how easy and convenient it is to eat healthy and nutritious food and make it delicious.

Here is meal ideas  to prove my point.


1 whole large egg
1 egg white
Spring onions chopped
Red pepper chopped
Spinach, chopped
Mushrooms chopped
Fresh parsley chopped
Chopped chives

Whisk eggs and pour into hot non stick pan

Add ingredients cook until browned
You can even place it in a seal tight container eat it on the go

Every one of these recipes is compatible with my lean muscle Fat loss program

This means that my way of eating makes you more muscular and leaner. so you can look hot wearing very little clothes this summer. and be healthier. and save money too.(just like my gun client Frank a Realfit Success story )

in healthy always