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The REALfit Difference

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The REALfit Difference

Seems to be everywhere you turn you see a trainer posting a pic or video on how they changes there clients and how they smashed there workout.whilst I am all for change the reality is that what you see isn’t necessary what you get and this rule applies more so to trainer’s now than ever.

Often people with great bodies are not always the happiest they have not addressed what’s going on in there head space and this is where a seasoned trainer comes into play.

Having a relationship an a good one with your trainer you need to consider a few key factors;

1.Experience (does he/she have time and PT hours)

2.Knowledge (do they know there craft)

3. Inquisitive (are they asking you the right questions)

You also need to take responsibility for your own health. That’s your job.Th trainer is the gap we all know that this is the the “Information Age.” Get some with your Trainer !

Together you will learn what you can do to restore your own version of your health. I can practically guarantee it’ll make a bigger difference in the quality of your life than you ever thought possible. And it will also dramatically increase you chances of reaching your goal !

Great trainers facilitate a partnership and change process that enables clients to not just change there body but there mindset and develop great behaviors over time to improve overall health and well being for many years on.