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We truly are creatures of habit,and we all have deeply ingrained daily patterns of behaviour.In many cases,these habits are useful.They save us mental energy.We don’t need to decide each day how to put on toothpaste on our tooth brush or how to go about washing our bodies.

But other habits are much more complex, can emerge without our permission, and can be quite troublesome. Thirty minutes of TV can become 60,then 100 and so forth.Skipping exercise once per week leads to skipping twice per week which eventually leads to quitting.The ramifications of such negative habits can be deceiving.You loose your faith in your ability to put your mind to something and see it through you avoid challenges and opportunities for fear of failure,you criticize yourself, eroding your self esteem,you become depressed and so on, but the good news is habits cut both ways. Fort five minutes of exercise several days a week if you do it over a sustained period can transform the way you look and feel.

I understand that the power of habit has huge effects in all areas f my life “say’s Fred”

As you build your habit mastery through exercise and diet you begin to look at all your goals differently. The first month or two of new habits is always the hardest but it becomes more and more automatic and familiar as time goes on. You’ve learned patience to appreciate the actions of today, no matter how small they might seem, for their contributions to the bigger picture.


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