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The good bad and ugly of Personal Training

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The good bad and ugly of Personal Training

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I get a few messages and emails from aspiring personal trainers with a myriad of questions ranging from how to raise the bar to how to start and grow a business so I wanted to  hit some recurring themes


Get it done and then continue your training until you have found your sweet spot start there and see where it leads you.

>Job vs Career

Many people elect to become trainers to supplement their income but have no desire to break new ground whilst others make it their life’s work and will stop at nothing to see it through just remember to flirt with the field and portray yourself as a lifter is not cool

>Commit to the hours

Just see it this way garbo; work in the am and bartenders in the pm and trainers usually work when others don’t, like many service industry people this is something you should know before entering the game. If that’s not okay with you, you’ll be the trainer who gripes to all his clients about being tired and the hours you keep, don’t be that guy!

>Turning passion into Profit

Many people ask if it’s possible to turn what they love to do for themselves working out fitness, into cash. The answer is YES but there is a codicil if you’re getting into this to ditch real job or to get rich quick best to go out and buy a lttery ticket on your way to the gym.

>Put the client First

Remember squeezing in your own workout when training others is like a waiter taking some chicken breast of your plate and having a sip of your favourite drink, not the best look for him and undoubtedly a bad meal for you must give more to your clients its all about them now and not you or how many titles you have won.

>Rising above the rest

If you want to be your best, then jump into the deep end and give it your best shot and keep giving it (this might be a text message after the gym or an  article link that maybe of interest)know your client more that they know themselves.

Just make sure that whatever you do bring quality to the game, no one needs or want cheap knock offs especially when it comes to their bodies. I can assure you that you don’t need to muddy the water with some half-baked approach to pad your wallet.

My parents used to tell me that there were two way to do things; right or over

Do it right.