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The Fat Burning Secret

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The Fat Burning Secret

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Balance  your insulin and Glucagon hormones

Did you know that hormones regulate virtually every activity that takes place in your body.Two Hormones in particular-insulin and glucagon-play central roles in determining your weight.They function as complimentary opposites with respect to fat.Glucagon is known as the fat burning hormone and insulin is known as the fat storage hormone.Each os these hormones is activated by shifts in blood sugar levels.Insulin’s primary task is to keep the blood sugar from raising too high,while glucagon’s chief task is to keep the blood sugar from dropping too low.Whenever your blood sugar goes up,your insulin level goes up as well.Conversely,when your blood sugar falls,your insulin levels drop and glucagon rises.

In order to keep fat away,what we need to do is eat in a manner that stimulates the fat burning hormone(glucagon)and limits the activity of the fat storage hormone(insulin)

The goal of course is to eat the kind of foods and the combination of foods that will keep the blood sugar on an even keel an dthereby limit the secretion of insulin.

It’s important to avoid elevated levels of insulin,because when this happens,the body is foced to burn carbs as a fuel source and prevented from using stored fat as a source of energy.Insulin also converts and stores excess glucose as body fat,and in general shifts the whole body into a fat storage mode.

So it’s important to remember that insulin and glucagon are present in the body all the time.The trick is to keep it balanced and prevent one from assuming dominance over the other.The best way to do this in my own expereince is by eating meals and snacks composed of the right portion of proteins,carbs and fat’s.

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