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“The difference between dreaming and doing” is locked The difference between dreaming and doing

Whilst I can safely say I have  been around as a master coach for over 30 years in the sport of Transforming bodies I can also say there’s a time to dream, without effort or constraint. And there’s a time to do the work that will bring those dreams to life in the real world.

Take for Instance my client Rod he is clearly about Visualising his ideal life. In his thoughts, experience that life in rich detail through all of his senses by setting his standards higher than anyone else and most importantly he combined the visualisation with the doing.

Dream big I said to Rod ,let your  rich empowering dreams that resonate with your very core. Explore joyful and creative ways to express your own unique purpose and today he is a living example of this.

You see what separates Rod from ordinary everyday people is that he gets busy and make the dreams happen with no excuses bullshit just look at his transformation to date(one of my best ever)

Rods continues to transform his body over 61kgs to date

Not only can Rod feel the excitement and the sense of accomplishment  he continues to grow stronger, more capable, more experienced as he work’s  through each challenge with me.

Side on transformation

So for those of you reading this blog a word of advice set yourself free to dream, and then discipline yourself to do the dream. Be the dream and be the achievement of the dream that is uniquely yours.