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The Benfits of Oats

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The Benfits of Oats

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Did you know that Oats have been used since the days of the Roman empire and it was not until the mid 17th century that they were used as a staple food by the people of Scotland.

Oats are considered to be the best grain for development and maintenance of strong bones,teeth and heart muscles as well as promoting a healthy nervous system.

While oats are an excellent source of B vitamins especially B1 and Inositol.This can be most beneficial for for Proper Metabolism of fats(Oats have the highest fat content of all grains)reduction of blood cholesterol levels,prevents hardening of the arteries and  is essential for Brain cell nutrition and treatment of constipation and baldness and heart disease.

Oats should be part of your daily Nutrition

Regular use of whole grain and rolled oats for Breakfast will ensure you start the day with a good source of the Mineral Iron,potassium and sodium and its also one of the best food for the prevention and relief from arthritis.

Do not boil oats they need very little cooking and for maximum nutrition oats should be soaked overnight and served in the natural state with fresh seasonal fruits and nuts.