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The 5 step process !

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The 5 step process !



Guaranteed Results!

PRESENTED By Fred Liberatore

Personal Coach

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

–         Fred Liberatore is living proof that the program really works

–         Age is no barrier to staying slim and feeling sexy

–         +20 years experience in the fitness Industry

–         I have been researching the best and worst over many years

–         Helping Hundreds of clients with accelerated fat loss and healthy eating

Step 1 Define Your Goals

–         Know what you want (goals)

–         Why are your goals important to you?(motivation)

–         How Committed are you?(scale 1-10)

Step 2 Your evaluation

–         How Committed are you?(scale 1-10)

–         Postural assessment

–         Movement and identify weak spots

–         Nutritional assessment

–         Eating plan

Step 3 Design Your program

–         How Committed are you?(scale 1-10)

–         Nutrition: the foundation of all health & fitness

–         Supplementation: to fill in the voids of your nutritional program

–         Resistance training-increase lean muscle mass and metabolism

–         Cardio vascular exercise optimize fat burning

–         Flexibility to prevent injury and promote recovery

–         Coaching knowledge support and accountability

Step 4 Implement the program

–         How Committed are you?(scale 1-10)

–         Teach you the components

–         Take action for 21 days to build these new habits into your lifestyle

–         Overcoming obstacles together through teamwork!

James and Hanna are living proof that our programs work !


Step 5 Your 4 week assessment

–         How Committed are you?(scale 1-10)

–         What are your successes?

–         What are your challenges?

–         How we can continue to improve your program and results?

–         If you need more help, I’m always here for you?

So give me a call 03 95215279 or come into our studio for free consultation click here